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Relive Your Youth with Saliva and Drowning Pool

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Apr 7, 2024
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Relive your early 2000s with Saliva and Drowning Pool, as they team up for another co-headlining run as the “SNAFU Le Tour” returns in 2024. The duo had great success in the Fall of 2023, and are already seeing a great second leg with a packed show at the Apollo Theater AC in Belvidere, Illinois.

Local openers From Ashes to Embers gave some metalcore flair to this rock lineup. There was a large early turnout for this show, and the band got plenty of support from the early fans, some of which were familiar with their tracks from seeing them at previous shows in the area. The new stage setup at the newly-rebuilt Apollo is a bit lower and closer to the barricade than before, giving fans even more access for interactions with the bands.

Fresh off of touring with Black Stone Cherry and Saint Asonia, Any Given Sin made their second appearance at the Apollo Theater in just over one month. With a very similar crowd turnout, there was a big crossover in fans, and many remembered the previous show. They sang along to a few of the tracks, including their rock radio hit “Dynamite,” which is still played on the local rock stations rotation to this day. While not quite as heavy as the other bands on the card, they fit into the lineup nicely, and still garnered a great deal of support from the returning crowd.

The venue was packed to the brim once Drowning Pool hit the stage. Opening with the hit “Sinner,” there was immediate venue audio trouble, cutting out Ryan McCombs’ microphone. He moved to the front of the barricade and continued singing the chorus with the crowd, who didn’t skip a beat or lyric, before the audio was back on line. This was indication enough of how much of a draw this band was for the tour. Before long, there was a steady mosh pit going for the moderate length co-headlining set. Even slower tracks saw the circle pit going steady and keeping up the energy, ready for the next heavy song.

“Feel Like I Do” saw the crowd jumping and moshing, and “Tear Away” got the flashlights in the air and heard the crowd singing to the introduction along with McCombs. It’s great to see him back on stage with Drowning Pool, as the energy and intensity he brings with him really elevates the stage presence and makes them even more fun to watch. They ended the set with the iconic (and I mean it this time) “Bodies,” which of course created the largest circle pit of the night. This was obviously the moment that most fans were waiting for all night, as people kept joining in on the action. McCombs himself even jumped the barricade to sing in the crowd, as security rushed to make sure he didn’t get taken out by moshers.

With the venue heated up by the wild crowd, Saliva had a high bar to meet when it came to the final set of the night. Entering to the “The Star-Spangled Banner,” they kicked things off with “Superstar II,” followed by one of their biggest crowd-pleasers: “Ladies and Gentlemen.” The group tragically lost founding guitarist Wayne Swinny in 2023, and his stage presence is sorely missed. While he may be gone, he’s certainly not forgotten, and the entire stage setup paid tribute to Wayne, from the banners emblazoned with his face on it, to the drum kit, and even vocalist Bobby Amaru’s shirt.

Giving a shout out to the wrestling fans in the audience, they performed another early fan-favorite “I Walk Alone,” the theme song of WWE wrestler (now Hollywood actor) Batista. When it comes to newer material, the group included “Come Back Stronger,” “Crows,” and “High on Me” off of their 2023 album Revelation into the setlist. While not as popular as some of the tracks that have been riding the airwaves for 15 years, there were still fans that were familiar with the newer work. The energy wasn’t quite gone from the crowd late into the night, and they had to turn up for “Your Disease,” back-to-back with the ultimate Saliva banger “Click Click Boom” to end the show.

Whether you’re looking to feel like a skateboarding, crowd surfing teenager again, or just want a solid rock lineup, this tour fits the bill. And hey, maybe you can jump into that mosh pit just one more time.

The SNAFU Le Tour continues:

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