Kevin Young

Septum Bone - Spring '24 [EP Review]

Kevin Young
Jun 5, 2024
3 min read

There is a key behavior that was never left in cave paintings. No, this is something engraved into the cores of us all. It has been seen in recent history, and typically is exhibited during demonstrations of extreme decibel readings and destructive musical performances. It's best known as "two-step" and "moshing". Septum Bone, a Cave Mosh quintet with members hailing from TN/NC, was formed in 2022. They quickly gained support in their respective scenes, eventually even opening for legendary acts like Vader and Origin, and even hopping onto festivals. Their sound is hard-hitting, including plenty of groove and even faster moments that one could compare to death metal—ruthless but, most importantly, passionate and packed with raw energy. On May 10, 2024, they released Spring '24- EP, and you can catch them playing it live on June 14, along with Chained, for a dual record release show.

Below are my own personal interpretations and perspectives of each track.

Neanderthal Stomp

Distant thunderclaps ring throughout the valley, and an evening sunset is overtaken by eager clouds rolling over the horizon. Wind begins to string up fallen leaves like dancing puppets, as rain droplets hurdle down towards Earth. A sound much nearer enters between each boom, an echoing thud, something solid being struck by an organic object.

Rock Smash (feat. Chunked)

Entering the maw of a secluded cave, the scent of iron hits as if passing through a cloud. Tools, bones, and other miscellaneous remnants litter the space, fur pelts piled on a far ledge, burning embers in the mouths center, an eerie home for one or more. Upon a wide smooth wall are finger paintings of what transpired only moments prior. In the future these will be recognized as windows into the world before pen and paper, studied in awe with naivety. No, the true meaning to these designs is far darker and more sinister than many are willing to admit.

Cave Dance

Dry branches are broken down to size, filling a large stone pit once again. Many assemble for another feast, but unknowingly they approach their doom. It crouches in the shadows, awaiting the first signs of midnight. Soon, brush burns and mouths begin to feed, flames dance across their faces, and survival instincts are buried by cooked meat. When the white light creeps through the entrance, a terror neither sensed nor heard shall unleash upon them. All that will remain is their stories written in red for generations to see.

Wolverine Blues

Ritual after ritual, but the cup is never filled. Like a black hole, it wanders across great distances, consuming all things crossing its gaping mouth. All that is left are ancient stories of a gluttony and perpetual thirst hidden between the lines of their cave drawings. They didn't seek harmony with a pack or inclusion, no, they were a lone entity on a deadly path.

Coming in at 10 minutes, and I expected Spring '24 to fly by, but instead I found that the EP loops seamlessly and had me digging in deeper with every repeat. At the center of it, I heard a hardcore foundation, but with elements and styles found all over the metal spectrum. If the intention is to just write energetic and heavy ass music, then I'd say they hit the mark, without it sounding or feeling generic. I clung to "Rock Smash" and "Wolverine Blues" the most, they depict a blend of groove, extreme styles and a that classic hardcore punch. If you like your metal shaken, not stirred, with caveman riffs, vocals and drums, then Septum Bone are absolutely for you.

Via Septum Bone's Facebook



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