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The Farewell Tour - Gladys Knight’s Final Sydney Performance

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Apr 1, 2024
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The Farewell Tour: A bittersweet moment for Fans Across Australia. Yet, it stands as a magnificent tribute to the final Australian performance of the seven-time Grammy winner, aptly hailed as the 'Empress of Soul.' At the age of 79, Gladys Knight continues to enchant audiences with her undeniable talent.

The evening kicked off with Hayley Teal and her guitar player, Mark, who effortlessly set the tone for the great musical journey we were about to embark on. Her performance was a beautiful blend of covers, including “Always be my baby” by one of Hayley’s influences, Mariah Carey, and Shania Twain’s “You’re still the one”. Ending with an original piece, "Another Good Reason," she gently nudged the audience into the right frame of mind, warming us up for the main act. The crowd's applause for Teal wasn't just polite; it was a recognition of her talent, a perfect prelude to the legend that followed.

Let’s take a minute to talk about this legend. Gladys Knight, as she reminds the audience later in the night, has been performing since the age of four. Alongside her siblings and cousins as Gladys Knight & The Pips, she soared to incredible heights - becoming a seven-time Grammy Award winner with timeless hits like "If I Were Your Woman" and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." Her journey, rich with chart-topping singles and albums, not only highlights her exceptional talent but also celebrates the harmonious legacy of The Pips, whose contributions have been pivotal in shaping the sound of soul music.

After a little bit of an extended intermission that saw classic tunes fill the room, the lights dimmed and the band took their places. The lighting cast a canopy of soft blues, yellows, and whites over the stage, creating a setting reminiscent of a Sunday service. This turned out to be the perfect setting because Auntie Gladys definitely took us to church! 

Led onto the stage amid a wave of applause, dressed in a chic blue suit, Gladys Knight, elegant as always, stood as a silent reminder that time spares no one, not even legends. Yet, as soon as she began to sing, any thoughts of age vanished. Almost 80, and she commanded the stage as if time had stood still, her voice as powerful and soul-stirring as ever, a living testament to why she's revered as the "Empress of Soul." Her performance showed the audience that true talent is timeless.

The setlist journeyed through Knight’s iconic hits, each performance interwoven with personal anecdotes and expressions of gratitude. Her rendition of "Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me" pulled at heartstrings, while the soulful "Licence to Kill" and the lively "I've Got to Use My Imagination" showcased the breadth of her musical prowess. The gospel covers, "Stand" and "Take Me to the King," transformed the concert into a spiritual experience, where Knight and her backing vocalist, all standing around her, put on a truly touching performance.

Knight's performance was nothing short of a masterclass. Her interactions, filled with genuine warmth and occasional cheekiness, broke down any barrier between the stage and the seats. She wasn't just performing; she was sharing, conversing, and indeed, spreading love in a way that only someone with her grace and experience could.

The band, made up of three backing vocalists, two keyboardists, two drummers, a bassist and guitarist, were also in fine form, their skill and synchronicity with Knight underscoring the performance's emotional depth and musicality. Particularly noteworthy was their collaboration on "Save the Overtime (For Me)," a moment that highlighted the ensemble's cohesion and versatility.

The evening concluded with "Midnight Train to Georgia," a fitting finale that encapsulated the concert's nostalgic yet timeless quality. The standing ovation that followed was a tribute not just to the night's performance but to Knight's enduring legacy.

The evening's close was marked not by the returning of lights but by the warmth of gratitude—a bouquet of flowers from a fan, a symbol of the deep, enduring connection between Gladys Knight and those whose lives she has touched with her music. It was a reminder that while tours end, the music and the memories created resonate forever. This was more than just a goodbye tour; it was a thank you note in the form of music, and man, was I glad to be there.

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