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The Last King Bring the Heavy While "Plotting for Demise"

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Apr 9, 2024
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Photo Courtesy of The Last King

The Last King are here for the HEAVY.

There simply isn't a better way to start off this article than that statement. Within seconds of starting the track, The Last King unleashes a barrage of some of the heaviest metal to come out of New England in recent years with "Plotting for Demise."

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Photo From The Last King's Facebook

One of the best things about this release is just how you can tell it was written and performed by a band that truly loves the genre. Don't get me wrong, I love my metalcore and hardcore, but something about good ol' fashioned technical deathcore just warms the soul. I guarantee if "Plotting for Demise" came out back in the early 2000s for Guitar Hero or Rock Band, this track would be the number one played song. The vocals shake you to your core while some of the most intricate drumming I've ever heard keeps the pace going. As the track progresses, the riffs and breakdowns keep your head banging!

While the entire track is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish, there is one part that truly makes this stand out from the sea of metal. It happens around the last minute and I'll try to do it justice but words will not even begin to describe the one hundred percent certified tastiest end to a song ever written. After an electrifying guitar solo, just as you think, "Oh, the song is about to end. What a banger," IT hits. An outstanding build-up to a nearly 30 second CHUNKY riff that made me almost crash my car upon first listen. Yet, even with all that chunk, the song doesn't lose the technical aspect that makes it so great! I'd put all the money in my bank account on when "Plotting for Demise" is played live and that end part hits, the crowd will go totally insane. You can argue with me and say I'm wrong but I know I'm not. It is along the same lines as what Enterprise Earth has been doing lately and they've been doing nothing but skyrocketing!

Be sure to click the link below to keep up with the band & support them as they take the stage with Oceano, Within the Ruins, Euclid, Burying Point, & Infinity Sequence.

The Last King

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