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The Magic of Greta Van Fleet: Starcatcher

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Jul 21, 2023
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Greta Van Fleet is a rock band that formed in Michigan in 2012. The band consists of Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiska, along with their friend Danny Wagner. What started as a band of teenage brothers has led to sold out headlining shows and 3.5 million albums sold. Their first album From the Fires was released in 2017 and won Best Rock Album at the 61st Grammy Awards. Their sophomore album The Battle at Garden’s Gate was released in 2021 and charted on the Billboard charts. 

Now their newest release, Starcatcher, has a release date of  July 21st, 2023 under Lava/Republic Records. The album was produced by Dave Cobb, who is a Grammy winner and has worked with Brandi Carlisle and Chris Stapleton. The band recorded Starcatcher at RCA Studios in Nashville. It has been highly anticipated by fans and music lovers everywhere.

In a press release with Greta Van Fleet, it is said that the album is a call back to their earlier days. Sam Kiska, bass and keyboards, says, “We’re going back to our roots while moving forward at the same time”. This album feels so authentically Greta Van Fleet. The transcendental guitar riffs, pounding drums, and mystical vocals are what makes this band so special. 

Starcatcher opens with “Fate of the Faithful”. At first it starts off soft, and then turns into a booming rock ballad. A B-bender is used on the guitar in this track. This tool can change the pitch of the B string, giving it the sound of a steel guitar. When you think the song is over, Josh Kiska comes back in with another round of haunting vocals. 

“Sacred Thread”, the fourth track on the album, is a nod to their live performances. The song opens with “The sequins tripping on the light”, an homage to Josh’s jumpsuits he wears at their live performances. The lyrics tell the story of the band following their dreams that led them to singing in front of sold out crowds. In their press release, Danny Wagner, drums, states that, “We wanted to keep it very true to our stage sound and make the music easy to recreate”. This song (and this whole album) perfectly encapsulates the magic and energy of a live show. 

“Meeting The Master” is the lead single off of Starcatcher. Jake Kiszka opens with one of his iconic guitar riffs. Then the song talks of a god or leader that they are praising. In a statement, the band says “...the song details the love these fervent followers have for their teacher and their firm belief in his vision”. It is reminiscent of religion and church hymns at the end of the song when Josh is leading a group of people singing “All of our love” repeatedly. 

The last track of the album is titled “Farewell For Now”, fitting for a song that is completing an album. The song acts as a thank you to the fans for their commitment and for coming to shows. The love is mutual between them. Josh sings “Friends who’ve come to sing the chorus/ You floor us/ We will sing til the end”. This song feels like a perfect end to a concert set and a beautiful way to say see you soon. 

Starcatcher is a magical narrative of battle, belief, and dreams. Its evolving sound of acoustic to mesmerizing rock makes it an instant sensation. With all this being said, it feels like an homage to the fans from the band. It is a way for them to say “It’s all for you” (lyric from Farewell For Now). 

Greta Van Fleet will be on tour starting July 24th in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena, and will run until December, where they complete their tour in Portugal. Next year they will be in Mexico City for two dates with Metallica. Find their complete list of tour dates here.

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