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Pool Kids Sell Out Denton, TX

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Jul 21, 2023
4 min read

Pool Kids is a band that I've recently come across in the past 2 years, but they've slowly become one of my favorite bands to watch live. I've had the luxury of seeing them as openers and direct support, so as soon as I heard they were going to be headlining their own tour, I just had to go. With support from Sydney Sprague & Chase Petra, I made the trip to the sold out show at Andy's in Denton, TX!

Starting the night off was Chase Petra. This was my first time seeing and even hearing about Chase Petra but I've been hooked ever since the show. I must have been one of the few ones out, because as soon as the band took the stage, the crowd exploded with energy. It slowly became a back and forth between the crowd and band to see who was going to go harder in the lovely Texas heat. With lyrics that tugged your heart strings but vocals that made you want to dance, everyone was having the time of their life while the band played. It was also fantastic watching how much fun the band was having on stage. You could definitely tell that this is a band that fans love. I can't wait for them to make their way back to Texas so I can see them again.

Sydney Sprague took the stage next and changed the pace a bit. Everyone in the crowd was feeling the vibe as the band played. Nothing but pure emotion came from the stage and it was apparent that the crowd was here for it. I looked out and saw a sea of people loving every second. Not to mention, the ability the band had to have fun with the crowd was amazing. It was as though Sydney Sprague was just a friend coming through town and it was time to catch up for a bit. It wouldn't surprise me if the next time they came through Texas, they'll be playing on a much bigger stage with an even bigger crowd singing the words right back.

It eventually became that point of the night for Pool Kids to take the stage. And, oh my god. As soon as they came out, the entire venue was shaking from fans screaming, shouting, jumping, and moshing! The energy Pool Kids brought to the people of Denton was unmatched by anything I've seen before. Like I said, this was the third time I've seen the band and they've done nothing but improve each and every time. I'd bet that every fan in attendance would agree with me on that claim.

The best part of the night had to be the sincere "thank you" from the band. You could tell that this is band that doesn't take the life they live for granted and they truly appreciate each and every fan of theirs. Right before ending the night, lead vocalist Christine Goodwyne took to the pit to join the crowd for one last party moment.

With about 7 shows left on the tour, if you have the opportunity to catch the bands on the Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go on Tour, do it! The only disappointment you'll experience is when the show ends. You could always go to another date though!

Pool Kids:

Christine Goodwyne - vocals, guitar

Caden Clinton - drums

Nicolette Alvarez - bass

Andy Anaya - guitar

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