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The Plot In You Unleashes "Forgotten"

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Aug 13, 2023
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"Unhinged," "Epic," and "Cathartic"; are the words that come to mind when discussing The Plot In You's latest single, "Forgotten," released on August 11th via Fearless Records. Their previous single, "Left Behind," was a mellow track, resembling something off their pivotal album, DISPOSE. However, "Forgotten" is one of the heaviest songs they have released, returning to their deathcore days.

The Plot In You Features:

  • Landon Tewers (Vocals)
  • Josh Childress (Guitar)
  • Ethan Yoder (Bass)
  • Michael Cooper (Drums)

I shot The Plot In You in April at the Beacham in Orlando for the outlet, RockDaBeat. My shock when they played this unreleased song was immeasurable. Plot has leaned into the new post-metalcore genre, fronted by contemporaries like Bad Omens and Spiritbox, and the show featured songs primarily off their last two albums of the same style. However, I rarely saw the energy like when Plot previewed this new single. Limbs were flying.

It is hard to place my finger on the lyrical theme of this track. Like many recent plot songs, this portrays a "middle finger" to everyone who doubted and tried to screw over Landon, and Co. Landon screams, "This is for the ones who wished death upon my name." Though the track also adds a bit of retrospective in the breakdown, reflecting on what he has sacrificed to get here:

I have spent my life, chasing things
That had only brought me pain
In the end, when I'm dead
Hope it was for something

Photo by Jackson Tujo for RockDaBeat

This track offers an urgency and violence rarely seen in metalcore, blurring the lines even to be considered deathcore. I saw firsthand the carnage that occurs when this song is performed live. Is this track a foreshadowing of future music to come from the metalcore veterans? Or is this a one-off similar to their banger, "Crows"? I am excited to see what The Plot In You conjures next.

Listen to "Forgotten":

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