Melanie Mae Bryan


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Apr 16, 2023
3 min read

By Melanie Mae Bryan

The Plot In You is a metalcore band out of Ohio led by vocalist Landon Tewers, who also has a solo music project as well. They were formed in 2010, originally as a side project, but it’s become something so much greater. Since then, the band has put out one EP and five studio albums. They are currently on their headlining tour, Watch the Divide, with Holding Absence and Thornhill.

Australian metal band Thornhill brought the energy! I admittedly hadn’t heard much from them prior, but checked them out immediately after the show.  Next up was post-hardcore band Holding Absence. I knew right away this would be a tough act to follow. Vocalist Lucas Woodland was a literal force of nature onstage and didn’t even take water breaks without noticeably getting into the music. You could feel the music intensely through his energy, and I was incredibly impressed with their performance.

Finally, the lights dimmed and the crowd roared. The Plot In You took the stage and exploded right into “Divide”. Without missing a beat, they followed up with “Fall Again” and “Enemy”. While the crowd was loving it, Landon wanted more. For the 4th song, “Paradigm”, he announced that it was time to turn the energy up to 11. The audience then began to match the band’s electric performance! There was hardly a reprieve between crowd surfers. A fan even rushed the stage during “Take Me Away” so that he could stage dive.

The Plot In You is: Landon Tewers, Josh Childress, Ethan Yoder, and Michael Cooper.

Overall, this was a positively wild evening full of incredible performers. Many of the bands came a long way to go on this tour, and all are worth at least a listen, but I highly recommend taking time out to check out this tour on the remaining dates!


Divide // Fall Again // Enemy // Paradigm // Left Behind // RIGGED // NOT JUST BREATHING // THE ONE YOU LOVED // Troll // Time Changes Everything // Take Me Away // Forgotten // Face Me // DISPOSABLE FIX



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