The Plot In You @ The Nile Theater

Music Scene Media
Nov 12, 2022
5 min read

The Plot In You packed out the hardcore, local favorite Nile Theater with support from Avoid and Silent Planet for a night of high energy stage diving and circle pits.

Avoid needed no introduction stepping on that stage and quite literally melting everyone’s faces off. The five piece post-hardcore band reigns from Seattle, Washington and consists of vocalist Benny Scholl, guitarists Nick Olson and Brandon Parker, bassist Jason Daggett and drummer David Dusseault. Forming their band in just the last four years, Avoid has managed to execute a new and intoxicating sound to lovers of the post-hardcore scene. Formally known as “Avoid The Void”, Avoid has shifted their sound into a dramatically vigorous dynamic with lyrics that’ll leave your head in a spin but transcend your soul. Their riffs are heavy, breakdowns are outrageously aggressive, lyrics are melodically insane, and it’s all presented on stage in this beautifully chaotic bundle of energy waiting to burst. Avoid is 100% a live band and there’s no doubt about that, their studio albums are so intentionally crafted to the moments of the band and the vulnerability they produce in their songs, but their live shows are one of a kind. A true experience and a sight to see, there’s never a still moment or a soft voice, it’s all high energy cranked up as far as an amp can go.

Formed in 2009, progressive metalcore band Silent Planet is long loved favorite of the scene. Consisting of vocalist Garrett Russell, guitarist Mitchell Stark, bassist Thomas Freckleton and drummer Alex Camarena, the four piece band established their career in the music practice hall of Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. They are known for their intricate and progressive instrumentation with heavenly poetic lyrics that are soft spoken in intention but will leave your thoughts in a blur of awe. Their music is ever consuming, each ballot a distinctive blend of emotional and intellectual story telling that range from injustice to the anguish of modern life, topics that cannot be easy to express but are executed so effortlessly. Silent Planet creates an intimate connection with their audience on all levels, leaving one feeling heard and understood in a room seemingly full of strangers, banding together as one accord as lovers of music. This has inevitably become their trademark unto the metal scene and transcends into the stories they tell and who they are told about. Their music is anything but conformity, skillfully crafting lyrics that barricade an unfortified bond between experience, philosophy, and the perception of life. They are undeniably a forceful awakening to the music industry.

Metalcore band, The Plot In You was formed in Ohio in 2010 off of a side project of band called Before Their Eyes. The four piece quartet consists of vocalist Landon Tewers, guitarist Josh Childress, bassist Ethan Yoder and drummer Michael Cooper. Well known for their song “FEEL NOTHING”, which exploded 28 million US streams, the band was originally just a bunch of friends wanting to play music and jam together has snowballed into a fully-fledged metal-core statement with five studio albums, one EP, and eight music videos. Tewers being the lyrical frontman, has molded songs together out of his own inner demons. Brutally captivating the chokehold of life, and artistically exploiting his experiences in melodies. Taking a deep rooted and closer look at the make-up of each word and note, Tewers undeniably finds solace in the freedom his words expressed, unapologetically cathartic. Their live shows are a surreal experience to see and a therapeutic encounter to be presented with. Their riffs are razor sharp paired with breath-taking melodic control and cinematic production, they seemingly push and pull at the boundaries of the traditional scene sound from record to record, pushing out infectious hooks and interstellar vocal performances. ver the years this defiance of traditional sound has shifted in more ways this one, rooted in deep breakdowns and piercing vocals, the band has recently taken on a new wave of heavy. Pacing up their instrumentals but investing in heavier, darker, and emotionally disrupt lyrics that takes the mind for a whirlwind. Constantly making adjustments to their current sound to acquire a unique likeness that keeps their mosh and breakdown driven fan base engaged, a beautiful, unplanned brigade of a sonically driven rush.

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