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To Kill A Monster Writes a New Chapter With Debut EP, 'The Sharpie on the Wall'

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Apr 12, 2024
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Photo taken by Gabriel Goulding

Ohio punk rockers To Kill A Monster are ushering in a brand new era with the release of their debut EP, The Sharpie on the Wall. Re-emerging after a short hiatus, the band’s original vocalist, Joey Lawson, was joined by an entirely new lineup consisting of Josh Mergler and Scott Borealis on guitars, James Barron on guitar and bass, and Corey Melton on drums. Armed with hard-hitting lyrics, infectious melodies, and raw, intense energy, To Kill A Monster proves they’re not only back, but also better than ever with The Sharpie on the Wall.

"The Sharpie on the Wall is the next level of To Kill A Monster's music,” Lawson shared. “This is the first collection and evolution of this lineup, learning how to write together. It's our best music yet and our new standard. This is a new beginning."

The cover art for To Kill A Monster's new EP, The Sharpie on the Wall.

As a band that prides themselves on their talent for cohesively blending genres, To Kill A Monster found the perfect way to showcase that ability with the first two tracks on The Sharpie on the Wall, “Ghost” and then “The Broken.” Catchy lyrics accented by growling screams and fueled by loud, intricate instrumentals beautifully utilize various elements of pop-punk, rock, and metal and also make “Ghost” a high-energy, fierce opening song. Starting softly, the initial quiet volume level of “The Broken” quickly builds alongside its energy. What it lacks in overall heaviness is made up for plenty in grunge, further displaying To Kill A Monster’s genre-bending capabilities.

Next up on the EP is "Knife To Meet You," a fiery love song about soulmates willing to do whatever it takes to be together. The track's intense energy perfectly reflects the passion radiated on "Knife To Meet You" and the lyrical angst makes it a flawless fusion of emo and punk.

"When the guys wanted to write an emo song, I had the perfect idea on standby. A love that transcends one lifetime into the next with heavy, dark, and passionate undertones," said Lawson, giving insight into the development of "Knife To Meet You." He continued, "I'll be yours no matter the stakes, follow you into our next life, and find you again. The kind of love that's not made for just anyone. Soulmates that had to fight the world to be together."

As the end of The Sharpie on the Wall approaches, fun and flirtatious "Whiskey" plays, immediately followed by the EP's closer, "The Past." With zero sacrifice to the track's energy levels, To Kill A Monster offers listeners a break in the emotional intensity with the upbeat, more lyrically laidback "Whiskey." Beginning with a soft, slow guitar melody, "The Past" instantly throws intensity and energy into high gear as the drums kick in. Its reflective, emotional lyrics give way to the age-old lessons of appreciating what you have and accepting what you cannot change, bringing The Sharpie on the Wall to a light, almost hopeful end.

To Kill A Monster's brand new EP is a genre-bending work of art full of absolute bangers. The Sharpie on the Wall is a grand display of the band's talent and creativity, and proves To Kill A Monster isn't going anywhere but up anytime soon.

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