Mads Pae

TWICE Celebrates Their Friendship With “I GOT YOU”

Music Scene Media
Feb 3, 2024
2 min read
PHOTO CREDIT: JYP Entertainment

There is nothing quite like finding the people who are meant to be in your life for the long haul. It is a gift to make journeys with others who make it all feel less lonesome and daunting. Critically acclaimed K-pop girl group, TWICE, has come back with the bubbly pre-release song, “I GOT YOU”, ahead of their next mini-album coming later this month, demonstrating that not only is this kind of bond present between them, but it’s stronger than ever.

Since debuting in 2015, NAYEON, JEONGYEON, Momo, SANA, JIHYO, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and TZUYU have encountered great success, last year being especially defining. They received the Breakthrough Award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards, and released their 12th mini album, READY TO BE, which entered the Billboard 200 chart at number two. Additionally, they embarked on their fifth world tour and played 13 shows across North America, including sold out concerts at MetLife and SoFi Stadiums. But accolades and commercial accomplishments are usually not without hardships (such is life), and the corresponding music video for their third English single doesn’t shy away from alluding to that as it opens with a dark, stormy, and raging sea. In contrast, the interior of the boat the girls are gathered in is full of warmth and cuddles. ‘When I’m walking into the darkness I know you’ll be right there’, Jeongyeon confidently affirms; ‘No drop of doubt, I know deep down that / We’ll make it through / Just like we always do’, Jihyo, Nayeon, and Tzuyu take turns singing during the joyous choruses. Even the strenuous times are worthwhile and happy to the group because they are together. 

There are many elements throughout the video that unite them. Hands piled up, an embrace shared between Jihyo and Sana, and moments in the choreography where they are physically linked, but none of them possess as much conviction as the red string of fate. Mina draws a red loop on Tzuyu’s pinky, which can be seen later on Nayeon and Jihyo’s fingers as well. During the pre-chorus, Dahyun and Momo dance while holding a red piece of fabric until it tangles them. And when things become animated, a red string loosely surrounds all of the members while they’re swimming. After all the years the nine girls have shared, with ups and downs and plateaus, it is clear to them and to fans that they were supposed to find each other in this lifetime. 

TWICE is kicking 2024 off strong with this uplifting beat that is certainly going to immediately be an anthem for anyone who has had the honor of connecting to someone, or multiple people, down to the soul, which is to say this song is for everyone. 

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