Christy Peterson

TYR Finishes Out Their Battle Ballads Headlining Tour

Music Scene Media
May 4, 2024
4 min read

On April, 26th, 2024 Tyr smashed the stage at Hangar 1819 in Greensboro, NC with fellow acts, Outlier, Aether Realm, and Trollfest.


The opener of the night was a band local to Apex, North Carolina, Outlier. Their performance was vivacious, and they were definitely a great band to start out the night! Despite their set seeming to be oddly short, they shredded and had a great time for every single minute they were on the stage. Their music had a thrashy feel, which offset some of the more eclectic sounds that were played later in the night. This band provided a good balance to the music for the rest of the night!


Aether Realm hit the stage next. They are also a band local to North Carolina. Based out of Greensboro, NC, this band definitely owned the stage for their hometown show. Aether Realm is a melodic death metal band with folk metal influences. Their set was a lot of fun to listen to, and the front man, Vincent Jones, had a ton of charisma and really knew how to get the crowd going. Their set was a good mix of their material. It included songs such as “Tarot”, “The Magician”, “Swampwitch”, “TMHC”, and even the slow ballad, “Guardian”. The whole crowd was singing along to “Guardian”. I have been trying to see this band perform for quite a while now, and I was not disappointed! 


I honestly had no idea what to expect from Trollfest before their set. I had not heard of them prior to this show, and I wanted to surprise myself…and surprised I was! Trollfest is from Oslo, Norway and they are a folk metal band. They came on stage dressed as flamingos, and performed several songs from their most recent album, Flamingo Overlord. There was not a single moment were I was bored during their performance. They had a way of keeping everyone’s attention the whole show, whether that included having the crowd form a double conga line, or having half of the crowd sit on the ground while the other half jumped until instructed to switch sides. This band was like Cocomelon for adults! If there was any doubt about this show being entertaining at all, this band squashed all of those doubts. I would love to see them perform again and hope they come back to the states soon! 


Tyr is a folk metal band from the Faroe Islands. They had not toured the United States in quite a while. I believe the last time I saw them perform was in Charlotte back in 2014; however, the last time they toured the United States was in 2019! I was anxious to see if they could still keep up to my expectations after all of these years, and they did not disappoint!  Tyr opened up their set with one of my favorite songs from them, “By the Sword In My Hand.” While they played fan favorites like that, they also played several songs from their recent album, Battle Ballads. They had a good mix of songs for their setlist. They finished out their set with an encore that included “Sinlars Visa” and “Hold the Heathen Hammer High”. Hopefully they will return to the states sooner than a few years from now. Having seen them twice now, I can say they perform consistently and both times were a lot of fun!

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