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VAV Excites Chicago with ‘Subcönscióus’ Tour

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Jan 9, 2024
3 min read

K-pop group VAV brings an exciting and fun-filled night to their Chicago Vampz.

The 6-member group made up of St. Van, ACE, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, and Ziu has set off on a 10-city US tour promoting their latest album ‘Subcönscióus.’ Having the wildly energetic city of Chicago as the second stop has only set the crowd standard higher for the rest of the tour.

The Chicago Vampz (VAV fans) have lapped the block outside of Park West in upper Chicago, as they wait in the cold to be ready to get as close to the stage, and their idols, as possible. The group starts off the show with their latest comeback, “Designer,” and the fans are already feeling the energy and are on their feet and dancing. Bouncy songs like “Give Me More (Un Poco Mas)” and “Señorita” don’t let anyone sit still, and even the fans in the seating sections are up, dancing while filming their fancams.

 The moments between songs give them plenty of time to interact with the audience, as they chat about the time they spent in Chicago, and of course mentioning that they tried Chicago pizza. It’s a very low key atmosphere, with the group clad all in black and no video wall behind them, and while they have their moments of intense choreography, it feels like a very chill and comfortable performance space. A highlight is that members seem to always be having a good time performing together, and I often spotted them just breaking out into huge grins during the performances. With VAV’s energy being reciprocated by the screaming Vampz, there are no lacking moments.

You can see the remaining tour dates below:

1/11 San Juan, Puerto Rico

1/13 Atlanta, Georgia

1/14 Dallas, Texas

1/16 Phoenix, Arizona

1/18 Seattle, Washington

1/19 San Francisco, California

1/21 Los Angeles, California

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