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The Devil is in the Details on New Waterparks Song, "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN"

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Oct 13, 2023
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Photo taken by Jawn Rocha, sourced from Instagram

Having released their fifth studio album, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, only six months ago, genre-bending rock band Waterparks is on the move again with new music. However, they’re not hinting at a new album. Added to streaming platforms at the end of the existing INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY tracklist, it appears that the Wednesday, October 11 release of “SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN” is instead a continuation of the LP’s concept/story. And that’s only the most obvious clue.

With Awsten Knight on vocals, Geoff Wigington on guitar, and Otto Wood on drums, the release of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY saw Waterparks telling a tale of religious guilt, toxic love, and internal conflict. But, as teased by the band last month on social media, there are two sides to every story, and brand new single "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN" is the initial glimpse into that other side. However, all may not be as it seems, as Waterparks, whose entire discography has so far been alphabetically titled and released, assigns an individual color scheme to each project. And while red was the dominant color for INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, all teasing/promo for "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN" has been centered around the color green, which Waterparks previously used for their 2019 album, FANDOM. Adding to the mysterious, undeniable parallels, the release day for their newest song was also the fourth anniversary of that very same LP.

Nonetheless, "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN" is undoubtedly the first preview of some form of continuance for INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, made clear by the band's usage of the same or similar imagery in the song's music video (linked below). Most notably the religious ones. It's also worth noting that even with the tie to FANDOM, green and red are considered complementary colors, defined as both "two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel" and "a pair of colors that cancel each other out when mixed." Playing back into the sentiment of there being two [opposing] sides to every story.

The official music video for "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN" by Waterparks

As a song, the release of "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN" is another staggering presentation by Waterparks of their pure talent and artistry. Dazzling and bouncy drumming from Wood and Wigington's vibrant, shimmering guitar combines with Knight's stunning vocals to create a high-energy tune and make it as beautiful as it is catchy. The use of synthesizers and other electronic elements further elevates "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN," giving the single a creative and refreshingly modern edge.

Furthermore, with lyrics such as "If you're toxic, I'll wear a hazmat" and "Swallow my shoes and my cars key / I don't need those 'cause I won't leave you," as well as lines about being brainwashed in both verses, what at first appears to be an affectionate love song seemingly has darker connotations upon closer inspection. Knight's implication of being so entranced by and dedicated to his love interest that he's willing to risk his well-being gorgeously shows the fine line between love and obsession. "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN" is both a cutesy declaration of love and a cautious warning, once again proving Waterparks’ incredible creative abilities.

This newest single is only the beginning of what's next for Waterparks. Infectious and captivating both sonically and lyrically, the release of "SNEAKING OUT OF HEAVEN" is a brilliant showcase of the band's musical expertise. And, the creatively thought-out plan to have everything tie together in the end is an admirable display of their dedication to art.

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Feature Image taken by Jawn Rocha & sourced from Instagram

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