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We Asked for a Performance, Flipturn Gave Us Something More

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Apr 20, 2024
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It takes a special type of musical group to sell out a venue like The Ritz with its 1,400-person capacity on a random Wednesday night. Good thing indie rock band Flipturn happens to be perfect for the job.

Flipturn was formed in 2015 in Fernandina Beach, Florida by frontman and vocalist Dillon Basse, guitarist Tristan Duncan, and bassist Madeline Jarman, who founded the band as high school seniors. They attended the University of Florida, after which the band acquired guitarist and synthesizer player Mitch Fountain, and drummer Devon VonBalson. They officially debuted with their EP Heavy Colors in 2017, and to say they have been well-received in the indie music scene would be an understatement. Their sound is a masterful combination of atmosphere, jams, nostalgia, and pure fun. It’s the type of music that you put on and shut your eyes to be transported to another world of tranquility and good vibes.

On April 17th, 2024, Flipturn made one of their final stops on their Spring 2024 Something More Tour in Raleigh, NC. Needless to say, the tour’s name could not have been a more accurate description of the experience of being in the crowd that night. Before the opener even went on, the entire venue was packed out and the floor literally could not be seen from the balcony on the second level, only a sea of heads.

The night started off with support from the enchanting indie folk/rock group Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners, hailing from Colorado. You might recognize their most popular track, “Evergreen”, a popular choice for soundtracking videos on the wholesome #hopecore side of TikTok.

They did a phenomenal job of creating great vibes, warming up the crowd, and getting us hyped up for what was about to come.

Flipturn exploded onto the stage and wasted no time whatsoever bringing more energy and movement than most rock bands I’ve seen live. Their captivating stage presence has developed a staggering amount since I last saw them in Charlotte, NC in December 2022. By no means were they shy then, but I failed to foresee the passion and power they would go on to exhibit this time around. Fellow photographer in the pit Addy Holmes (IG: @addyholmes) said it best in his recent Instagram post: “For whatever reason, some outfits wait until song four - after the photographers are disposed of, to reveal their true sonic superpowers. Fortunately for myself and the other cameras in the pit, [Flipturn] paid this idea no mind and not 12 bars into their set, feet were flying and heads were rolling.”

Other interesting moments of the night included:
● Debuting a new song supposedly never before played live, listed on their set list simply as “Acooostic”.

●  The drummer got out into the crowd and brought a few pieces of his kit with him for the audience members to hold while he played them (reminiscent of what Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots likes to do for their live performances).

●  Their top track “August” which arguably popularized them through TikTok and other social media video platforms found itself in the middle of their set, and not as their big closer like the last time I saw them.

●  A kick-ass cover of “Reptilia” by The Strokes to introduce their encore that, in my opinion, rivals the original. Those in attendance will not quickly forget this night. I cannot wait to see what else Flipturn goes on to achieve. One thing is for sure, no amount of monthly listeners on Spotify will ever be adequate for what this band deserves, or to justify just how good they are at what they do.

To find more on these two bands, follow the links below:

Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners
Website / Spotify /  Instagram / TikTok

Website / Spotify / Instagram  

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