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"Always speak the truth" - Discovering sunbreak

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Oct 3, 2023
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Photo by John Micolta

An emerging wave in metal emphasizes production, following Bad Omens and Dayseeker's footsteps. Augusta's sunbreak is beginning to blaze their path in these footsteps. sunbreak features Jade Williamson on vocals, Blake Finnerty on drums, Jesus Maldonado on bass, and Ryan Walden on guitar. This young band features an immersive ambiance with crushing breakdowns and explosive choruses. Today, I sat down with Jade to learn more about what makes sunbreak unique.

Formerly known as "Shallow," sunbreak began as a mix of friends Jade accumulated through church or former projects. The rebranding was partially due to a tragedy that struck. Their producer and friend, Drake Kent, passed away while driving to a sunbreak practice. His favorite song in its infancy was "Like Hell," and the tragedy is what Jade wrote the lyrics about. He described that the lyrics "He never got to go home, but now he's home" relate to the fact that although he never made it home that night, as a Christian, Drake believed he was going to heaven.

sunbreak's music can be described as similar to the post-metalcore wave that Bad Omens and Dayseeker have pioneered. Their music is production-oriented melodic, yet heavy when it needs to be. Jade Williamson produces, composes, and writes all of their music, and according to him, you can expect new sunbreak songs by the end of the year.

The most prominent themes that Jade writes about relate to his Christian upbringing and the time he lost during those years. As he grew older, he fell away from the church and put those experiences into his writing using provocative language. He does clarify that his music is not intended to be bitter; his vision is more somber and of regret. This is a feeling many can relate to and part of why it is so easy to connect with his songwriting.

Some of Jade's favorite artists include Ashnikko and Stray Kids, and his biggest influences, Dayseeker and Bad Omens–his dream band to tour with. Some Georgia bands he wants people to look out for include Omenkiller, Backslide, and Novumora.

sunbreak recently opened for Rain City Drive at the New Brookland Taven in West Columbia, SC. Jade described an incredible experience in which they connected with the pop-punk titans, and they even checked out their set and loved it. They have played many well-sold shows at the venue, but this was their first sold-out crowd, and it was a wild show from start to finish.

If you want to check out a sunbreak show, you can catch them at the Ridgeville Roadhouse in Charleston, SC, supporting RVNT. You can also see them at Blu's in Augusta on November 11th. I witnessed them at Blu's last month, and they put on a killer show, so you do not want to miss sunbreak when they come to your neck of the woods.

sunbreak's short-term goals include playing cool shows and making cool music, but their long-term goal is to grow and one day be able to support themselves with the project. I asked if Jade had a dream tour to embark on, and he mentioned that he's performed nearly everywhere on the East Coast with other bands but still has never crossed the Mason-Dixon line. So his dream would be to make it out west with sunbreak.

I asked Jade what his message to sunbreak listeners would be. He responded that people should always be honest and speak the truth, as he does through his songwriting. It does not matter what his family thinks about his lyrics; he is putting his soul on display through his writing, for better or worse, which is essential in all aspects of life. I could not agree more

Sitting down with Jade of sunbreak over Facetime was a blast, and getting to know his band's story. Keep an eye out for more features of bands you may or may not have heard of. Most of all, watch for the new sunbreak EP to release later this year.

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