Melanie Mae Williamson

Behind the Album: Saving Vice Releases 'Good Days, Dead Eyes'

By Music Scene Media, Melanie Mae Williamson,

Jun 7, 2024
3 min read

Saving Vice is a rising independent metalcore band out of Vermont. With less than 10 years in the music industry as a band, they are a forced to be reckoned with. Incorporating modern elements of metalcore with the nostalgia of early 2000's metalcore, Saving Vice has a sound all their own. They have recently released their latest album, and we got the story behind the tracks from the trio. Saving Vice is made up of Tyler Small (@tylergetintherobot), Robbie Litchfield (@savingrobbie), and Sam Whelton (@sxmwhxltxn). Without further ado, enjoy the deep dive into Good Days, Dead Eyes:

Leap of Faith

“Leap of Faith” is about the sacrifice and belief that requires you to fully commit to your dreams so that your life and opportunities don’t pass you by. Sometimes, imposter syndrome makes you think you've lost everything when you still have so much.

Haec Est Ars Moriendi

“HEAM” is latin for “The Art of Dying”. The song is about the idea of stripping down the worst parts of yourself, and really learning to admit defeat and accept death. If you can defeat yourself, you can really overcome anything. 

Love Language (feat. Jules Walcott)

“Love Language” is a song about the emotional back and forth of how to end a relationship that you don’t necessarily want to end, and accepting that some people just change and grow apart. The parallels of how I felt leaving music are hidden throughout. For me, when I listen to it, it’s about the band. 

Cry, Wolf 

This song is about the cowardice and hypocrites in the music scene and the rest of the world. It describes betrayal and attacks from those who go out of their way to lie and ruin others. They often turn on their own friends to insulate themselves when they’re actually the bad people with the skeletons and never face them.

Blacklisted Beauty

“Blacklisted Beauty” is about being constantly torn down when you have too much confidence and success, or happiness by others who possess none themselves and are insecure. I was bullied and pushed out of spaces my whole life for intimidating and making other people jealous, and it really messed me up mentally. 

Blood or Wine?

“Blood or Wine” is talking about the power that lies have over reality. The collateral damage alone is absurd in politics, social issues, the music industry, and so on. There is almost no accountability for defamation even if it ruins someone's life or, in some cases, causes someone to end their life.

The Cabal

“The Cabal” is about standing up against the corrupt people in government, politics, and the music industry who manipulate everything to keep people beneath them, or making them more money and power and bringing them to justice, burying archaic outdated traditions and systems.

It Can’t Rain All the Time

This song in particular is about how much I truly suffer daily, and how I manage to stay a beacon of positivity and strength for people who can’t handle the pain like I can. Most people think the most happy and lucky people are happy but they aren’t.

Good Days, Dead Eyes

“Good Days, Dead Eyes” is about the pressure, pain, and struggle of following music or art. It’s easy to fall back on comfort, substances, and stagnation, but in the end, you only hurt yourself and your dreams. Not everyone was built for that life. 

Trauma Souba

“Trauma Souba” describes a katana with two parallel blades built from all of my repressed anger and revenge that I could indulge in, but don’t. The lyrics are pretty straightforward, but it’s very much the things I’ve wanted to say for years to a lot of people in this industry.

Tomorrow’s Too Late

This song was inspired by lost family members to cancer and the grace and courage they have when accepting their fate. It’s a truly terrifying notion, and so many people have been affected by loss and cancer itself. 

The Covenant

“The Covenant” itself represents the people in the circle and whom support Saving Vice. If it wasn’t for the other lost souls who found comfort or a community with our band we would ourselves be lost. 


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