Abby Crabill

Jonah Marais Releases First Solo Single, "Twisted Lullaby"

Abby Crabill
Jun 9, 2024
2 min read

Some of us may recognize the name, Jonah Marais (@jonahmarais), from the time he shared with friends in the boyband, Why Don't We. Now, with the release of his first single as a solo artist, Jonah shares an inside account of the struggles he has faced during his transition from a group member to a solo performer.

At first listen, the upbeat tempo disguises the song as a fun dance tune. But, I will warn that you won't want to listen to this song just once. As you continue to listen to the song more deeply, you begin to notice the stark contrast between the catchy tune and the more somber lyrics.

The first verse of the song calls back to the nostalgia of Jonah's boyband days, as he recollects all of his former band mates' musical strengths, comparing them to himself. It also sets the tone for the chorus, acting as the "voices in my head", that he wrestles with.

You can't play instruments like Dan Can't sing like Jack, you wish you can Can't dress like Corbyn, can't even dance And we both know Zach was the face of the band

The lyrics are written in a way that makes you feel as if you are inside of Jonah's head, listening directly to the self doubt that he appears to be feeling. Overall, there is a strong sense of imposter syndrome portrayed throughout the song that makes it easier to empathize with him.

When we reached out to Jonah's team, they shared some of his thoughts about the release of this single.

I’ve been through some of the hardest mental health seasons of my life in the last couple years, but knowing you guys are out there got me through. This is about all of us creating this next chapter together. By listening to this you are directly supporting me and that means the world to me. I hope you love it! Thank you for everything.

Upon the release of "Twisted Lullaby ", Jonah surprised listeners with the release of a second single titled, "Heaven". It is clear that Jonah is working hard to present his authentic self as a solo artist as he embarks on this new chapter of his music career.



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