Matt Benton

Brotality and the "It Feeds" EP

Matt Benton
Jun 28, 2024
2 min read
Album Art courtesy of Big Picture Media
Photo courtesy of Big Picture Media

Your new favorite band is here: Brotality. That's the article.

Oh, you're not convinced and here to figure out why? Well, lucky for you, I'll be here to explain just that. Comprised of brothers Bryce Maopolski (guitar/vocals) and Reece Maopolski (bass/vocals) along with John Haring (drums), the three-piece delivers a barrage of unapologetic metal. There is no better way to describe the band's sound as "mosh metal". This is the type of music to make you want to throw down in the pit. The band has been a force to be reckoned with ever since their inception back in 2016 and the plethora of awards they've received proves that claim.

Their new EP, It Feeds, comes out on the 28th of June and has everything you need and more from an EP. From the trash metal energy of "Black Abandon" with it's fast paced tempo, in your face vocals, and heavy bass lines, to the absolute stunning guitar solos in "Cryptic Worship", my jaw was on the ground the entire time the track was playing. "Cryptic Worship" might also have my favorite little snippet I've ever heard in a track before. It happens around the 4 minute mark and I'm pretty sure I went back to listen to that 3 second fill at least a dozen times. This is a band that embraces traditional metal while effortlessly adding their own flair to it. Still not convinced? Just wait until you listen to the title track, "It Feeds", because you'll see yourself headbanging for about 3 minutes straight. Just be careful because by the end your neck is sure to be broken with that ending breakdown.

One could say that "Nightswimmer" is the tamest track on the EP which really isn't saying much because the entire song is just one big groove that lasts for over four minutes. This is easily that type of anthem-like song that would give your shivers down your spine as you see a sea of people screaming the lyrics back (Hell, I got chills just typing that out). Surely with this heavy of an EP, the last track will be a mellow and relaxed one. Right? Wrong. "The Bones of God" clocks in at over six minutes and immediately starts with an old school style of riff. The entire track is a masterpiece from start to finish but don't get me started on that outro. What a chef's kiss of a way to end a track.

Track List:

  1. Black Abandon
  2. Cryptic Worship
  3. It Feeds
  4. Nightswimmer
  5. The Bones of God

Be sure to catch Brotality as they venture on tour this July & August!

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