Abby Crabill

Cameron Alexander Ready to "Fight for Fun" in New Single

Abby Crabill
Jul 1, 2024
2 min read

Cameron Alexander may be a newer name in the pop-punk scene, but his respect for the industry pioneers makes him a great artist for pop-punk fans from any generation. Cameron's single "Fight for Fun" is the second track on his newest EP, Ice Blue Punk.

While listening to his single, "Fight for Fun", older fans of the genre may be excited to recognize the familiar sound of the early 2000s scene. The single gives off tones similar to tracks from classic pop-punk bands like Blink-182, except that Cameron is the only one playing every instrument across the song. The combination of an upbeat tempo paired with the repetitive phrasing of the lyrics provides the listener with the urge to both dance and rage along to the music.

The first thought that comes to mind when seeing the title "Fight for Fun" is that for some unknown reason, the artist is fighting to have fun in a not-so-fun environment. But a first listen will quickly remove that idea from your head. The artist is clearly confronting a second person, asking,

"Do you like it when we fight for fun?"

Further into the song, the artist also implies that this fighting is part of a routine between the two parties. Despite the routine fighting, it seems to be mostly one-sided for the other person's enjoyment.

"Last night, we were screaming bout what we do//This cat and mouse game is just for you."

Cameron describes the single as, "A song that romanticizes the emotional turbulence of dealing with toxic relationships, and how deep down we can't help but enjoy it."

Alongside the release of "Fight for Fun", Cameron also released a visualizer lyric video to accompany it. Listeners can follow along while listening to the song on his YouTube channel.

Cameron Alexander proves that while fresh sounds are changing the pop-punk scene, it is important to remember that the foundation remains the same.


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