Tony Mueller

Caroline Rose in Madison, WI

Music Scene Media
May 11, 2024
3 min read

Still riding the tidal wave of their 2023 release “The Art of Forgetting”, Caroline Rose brought their live performance to the lucky fans in Madison, Wisconsin. The rodeo-themed venue, High Noon Saloon, is no stranger to acts like Caroline Rose. In fact, it's the only place they've ever played in Madison. On Friday, April 19th, three hundred and fifty well-dressed fans with alternative haircuts walked into a tight, sold-out room to hear their favorite indie-pop tunes. Plenty of people came early to see Ian Sweet open things up and then waited impatiently until they finally saw that white hair and red coat walk on stage. 

When you have such a great opening song to an album like Love, Lover, Friend, it makes perfect sense to start the show off the same way. As Caroline got the crowd ready with their transcendent intro, it was time to party. Their show is absolutely a blast. With songs like "More of the Same" and "Feel the Way I Want" in their repertoire, it's no surprise that Caroline and her band had the crowd jumping and yelling. Alongside the fun, there's the tear jerking ballads such as "Miami" and "Everywhere I Go I Bring the Rain", which were performed masterfully. Personally, I was very happy to hear a favorite "Do You Think We'll Last Forever", and a fan favorite, "Jeannie Becomes a Mom". The band chose the untraditional route of announcing their encore instead of walking off first. As Caroline crowd-surfed the whole venue during "The Kiss," the show ended with people feeling good about themselves as they closed with "Where Do I Go From Here."

Caroline's show is a spectacle fused together with a story about the highs and lows of traveling around the country playing shows. You know you're in for something unique when you buy the ticket. The banter is always top tier and, if you're lucky, you may even hear a wacky tale about how Wisconsin somehow has the best fresh-squeezed orange juice (take that Florida). You heard it here, Caroline Rose is claiming that we have the upper hand on the Sunshine state and our oranges are somehow fresher and tastier. It must be the truth. 

If you haven't checked out what Caroline Rose is doing yet, you're making a mistake. They truly have something for everyone in their discography. This band is special and I'm sure they would love all the support they can get. Tour continues on and if you don't act now, you may not secure those tickets to their next show. And that, my friends, would be a shame. 

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