Taylor Dakota

Sueco Gets Vulnerable With the Release of "Mulholland Drive"

Taylor Dakota
May 13, 2024
2 min read
Image sourced from social media.

Less than three months after announcing his return to being an independent artist, alternative rapper/singer-songwriter Sueco released his second new single since, and quite possibly his most vulnerable and emotional track to date, “Mulholland Drive.” Combining captivatingly raw vocals with a soft yet powerful guitar, the Friday, May 10th release finds the typically provocative and vibrant artist feeling sentimental and dejected.

The LA-based musician first garnered attention as an artist in April 2019 by releasing the song “fast” on Soundcloud, which became an almost instant TikTok sensation. By the end of May that same year, Sueco had not only used the track as the lead single for his second EP, Miscreant, but also signed a deal with Atlantic Records. Back in March, however, Sueco announced on social media that he had cut ties with the label and was once again, an independent artist. Since then, the rapper/singer-songwriter has released two new singles, the most recent being the impassioned lament, “Mulholland Drive.”

Sueco's official audio video for his newest single, "Mulholland Drive."

On the day of release, the musician took to Instagram to share with fans how the new single came to be, saying "... wrote it 2 years ago in a Nashville trip. I was going thru all that label BS and a whole lot of relationship drama at the time, and I just longed for that something real, something meaningful ... a forever in a world of impermanence. I wondered what it would feel like, and when I find that person, would they feel that way too?"

Starting with a gentle, intricate guitar melody, Sueco's softer, more emotional side is on full display on "Mulholland Drive." As the first verse begins, his gentle crooning of evocative, wistful lyrics paints a scene of driving down a dark, lonely road so clearly that listeners will feel as if they themselves are there to experience it. However, the chorus is where "Mulholland Drive" truly shines. Not only does Sueco showcase his incredible vocal abilities as a singer, but also the track's heavy emotion as he belts out:

I'm thinkin' 'bout you
Sometimes I wanna die young with you in my arms
The last word off my tongue is
"I'll always love you 'til my lips turn blue"
Would you do the same, too?
I'd do that for you

Sueco's new single "Mulholland Drive" proves big things are still on the horizon for the alternative musician after deciding to go back to being an independent artist. The release comes with a tease for an upcoming tour announcement and confirmation of his second album, Attempted Lover, which will be a follow-up to his 2022 debut It Was Fun While It Lasted.

Stream "Mulholland Drive" by Sueco on Spotify.

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