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Chicago Gets 'Louder' for OMEGA X

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Nov 28, 2023
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OMEGA X has let nothing stop them from making their return to the K-pop scene and bringing things right back to their fans in North America with their 2nd tour “Keep Goin’” only a year after their last.

The crowd is already cheering and counting down for the show to start as I arrive at Park West in Chicago. The buzzing crowd was packing their way to the front, and if the doors had been open, steam would have poured out onto the cold Chicago streets. The eleven-member group takes to the stage in darkness, and phones and lightsticks are raised for the return of OMEGA X to Chicago.

The first thing I notice about their choreography is not only how crisp they are, but how in sync everyone is. With eleven members this might be more of a challenge than with other groups, so it’s very exciting to see the full roster move in such a tight and precise formation.

During the ments (moments between songs) the members seem so excited to be back, on their own terms, and performing for the Chicago For X (their fandom). They note how much they enjoy the live tours and get so much more energy from the touring crowds than at other special performances and music shows. 

Early in the show, the group plays some of their more popular tracks, including “Vamos” and “Love Me Like” back-to-back. This is such a fun section that really showcases their dancing prowess again with their self-titled track “OMEGA X.” Towards the middle of the show, one member notes that he almost missed a dance cue because the crowd was so incredibly loud that they had a hard time hearing their in-ear monitors. It’s not an exaggeration, as this crowd has been screaming in unison, steadily during almost the entire show.

The majority of the set features tracks from their latest single album What’s Goin’ On and mini album, iykyk, including “Louder,” “Baila Con OX,” and back-to-back performances of “What’s Goin’ On” and “Junk Food.”

The road that OMEGA X has traveled since their last US tour has been a wild one, but the one thing that’s for certain is that they’re back and better than ever, ready to show the world what they’re made of.

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Check out their latest MV release for “Junk Food” below:

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