Ian Storck

CIX Returns to Chicago with their '0 or 1' Tour

Ian Storck
May 26, 2024
3 min read

The five-member K-pop boy group CIX returned to North America for the third time with their ‘0 or 1’ tour, and ventured to the lively city of Chicago, Illinois for a night of loud festivities once again.

The crowd of FIX (CIX fans) were buzzing about the stage at the Copernicus Center in the suburbs of Chicago, taking selfies and photos with the large CIX logo on the video wall. As the lights dimmed and the introduction video played, the fans screamed as each of their favorite members appeared on screen. 

Finally, the full group took to the stage, clad in brilliant white, starting things off with the fun dance track “Move My Body.” Everyone was standing and moving at this point, with no signs of stopping. Between songs, the classic whooping and chanting echoes in the building, as the members move to their starting positions for each choreography.

The crowd was not small, but the absolute exuberance of a Chicago crowd has always been one to be in awe of. The actual magnitude of the screams almost overpowered the music at times, and you would have thought that the venue was packed from wall to wall, front to back.

The energy didn’t stop as the group performed “Change Me,” though opting for a slower song to spread out on stage and begin interacting with fans. After the first break for introductions, they moved into more dance heavy territory, with the low-key “Bad Dream” and upbeat “What You Wanted” bookending the 2023 hit “Save Me, Kill Me.”

After a solid introduction to the show, the five members, BX, Seunghun, Yonghee, Bae Jinyoung, and Hyunsuk took their turns at solo stages, performing cover songs, including “Seven” by fellow K-pop artist Jungkook of BTS. The solo stages are always a treat during K-pop tours, giving each individual artist the chance to shine and showcase their unique skills that might not always get the center role during a group song.

The two tracks off of their first single album 0 or 1, “Lovers or Enemies” and “My Name is Shadow,” came towards the end of the set, but there was still plenty of discography to cover, with “Wave” and “Movie Star” fitting into the rounded set. Noticeably absent was the electric “Numb” and the chill vibes of “Jungle,” both of which were present on the previous tour’s set.

It wouldn’t be a K-pop show without the group to return for an encore, topping off the long setlist with the ever-popular “Cinema,” before saying their final goodbyes to the FIX in Chicago. With their third North American tour in 3 years, CIX has no sign of slowing down, and the changing of the setlist certainly makes sure that each new tour brings something unique and special to the eager fans overseas.

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