Gabrielle Groves

Honey Revenge’s New Song is Anything But a “Recipe For Disaster”

Gabrielle Groves
May 26, 2024
2 min read

Devin Papadol and Donovan Lloyd, known collectively as pop-rock duo Honey Revenge, are all too familiar with the concept of overthinking and second-guessing your decisions. Their brand new song “Recipe For Disaster” examines the fear that comes from uncertainty and wanting to know what the future will be like so they can prepare in any way they can.

Similar to their hits like “Airhead” and "Rerun," “Recipe For Disaster” shows how exhausting it is to be your own worst critic. The song is incredibly catchy and seamlessly blends the genres of rock and dance, just as they do in their other tracks. The pre-chorus is particularly interesting as it speeds up to reflect the racing thoughts that most over-thinkers experience. Papadol explains that “the lyrics are a journey of spiraling out over those aimless thoughts that keep you up at night, but realizing that doing so is a recipe for disaster in the end,” adding, “...the only thing being so serious about every little detail will do, is distract me from the present…”

The album art for the song (created by Kay Dargen) is in the duo’s signature purple hue, which has been included in every one of their album covers so far. This is fitting as the song will be on the extended version of their 2023 debut album, Retrovision, which they plan on releasing this August. Of the color choices, Papadol says that “all of these themes [on the album] are captured through a rose-colored lens... or a violet-colored lens.” 

Album artwork via Thriller Records

The duo has secured a spot as one of six artists playing during the Summer School tour, running from July 10–August 17. The other artists joining them are The Home Team, Magnolia Park (with whom they have collaborated in the past), Scene Queen, Letdown., and Stand Atlantic. Just five days after the end of the tour, Honey Revenge also has a chance at winning two awards in the categories of Best International Breakthrough Band and Best Breakthrough Album at the Heavy Music Awards on August 22.

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