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Crook on the Wall and the Final Fall

Music Scene Media
Jan 24, 2024
2 min read
Photo courtesy of Crook on the Wall

Up and coming band Crook on the Wall are back again with another "stop everything and listen" single: "Final Fall". Music Scene Media was lucky enough to catch the band when their first single, "Imperial Mind" dropped, and thankfully we have the opportunity to give the brand new single a listen.

Before we jump into "Final Fall", let's take a quick look at their first release: "Imperial Mind". After we released our review of the single, it has been on my Spotify rotation for quite a bit. I am obviously not alone in that because the song has amassed over 5,000 streams. Not too bad for a band with members who are only 15 and 16 years old.

Photo courtesy of Crook on the Wall

When talking about the new single, the band had this to say:

The song (produced by Luke Owens at Dusk till Dawn studios) emphasizes the band's diversity and skill in songwriting with the track itself sounding different to almost any other emerging artists yet still carries the bands flair and raw sound. "Final Fall” shows the band emerge strongly from their successful debut release into a heavier yet distinctly ‘Crook On The Wall’ sound. "Final Fall" grabs the attention of the listener from the offset, almost forcing you to continue listening with its powerful opening riff and doesn’t loosen its grip throughout the duration of the track.

The band is absolutely right. While "Final Fall" sounds quite different from "Imperial Mind", the band has found that sound that sets the apart and that sound that makes their music unique to them. The song needs to be played on a festival stage. The moment the guitar tone kicks in, I knew right away that this is a festival song. As mentioned in our previous coverage, the boys in Crook on the Wall have definitely done this homework and are channeling the concepts that many of the greats of music have done. Yet, it still sounds fresh? A truly mind blowing ability. With vocals that dance over guitar solos that are played with an effortless grasp of mastery to drum work that makes you want to move for the entire song to an absolute chef's kiss of a finish... the entire song is a masterpiece from start to finish. If Crook on the Wall continues to produce music like this, it would be no shock to me if the tour offers start crashing through their door.

Photo Credit: Crook on the Wall X (Twitter)

Stay up to date with everything the band has going on by clicking here: Crook on the Wall. If you also happen to be in the Manchester, England area around the 27th of April, be sure to catch the band as they preform at Rebellion.

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