Matt Benton

Crook on the Wall & the "Imperial Mind"

Music Scene Media
Sep 24, 2023
2 min read

Music is one of those things that just never gets old. Even when it does, it doesn't. As confusing as that is, it's not. You still with me? Let me try and explain again.

You find your favorite band when you're young and you grow old with that band. Eventually it is 10 ... 20 ... 30 years later and that band has grown old as well as yourself. That sound, those lyrics, that musicianship eventually travels its way down to a new fan. They become inspired and decide to take a chance with music. And they, in turn, turn that sound, those lyrics, and that musicianship into something new, young, and fresh. That is the case with Crook on the Wall.

Crook on the Wall is set to release their debut single, "Imperial Mind", on October 14th and it is quite the debut! Although the band consists of members who are just 16 years of age, their talent is arguably on the level of bands that have been in the industry for 16 years. "Imperial Mind" has such a beautiful tone throughout the entire song that fits perfectly with the vocals. Starting a song off with an eerie guitar riff that just hits your soul was a phenomenal decision. The lyrics dance on each note as they enter your ears and upon first hearing the song, I had to stop everything and just listen. Not many songs are able to make a person just stop entirely to listen.

Produced and mixed by Luke Owens at Dusk till Dawn Studios, the song's captivating vocals and insightful/thought-provoking lyrics create a powerful and melodic tone never before heard on the Manchester music scene. Crook on the Wall aim to have a powerful statement with this first release, bringing back true meaning and emotion into the world of music.
From beginnings of writing and practicing at school, the band has a distinctive flair for originality with their sound and lyrics. The track itself provides deep insight into many politically challenging areas of society with the band keen to show its following of the effort and care they put into every second of writing songs.

I could easily start listing the bands I think they sound like or have drawn inspiration from, but that wouldn't be entirely fair to the band. They truly took the time to make a sound all their own and I think that is one of the most insane things in today's music world. With all the hundreds and thousands of bands, you still somehow found a way to make a sound all your own? Absolutely mental. If this is what is to come from Crook on the Wall, I am very excited to see what the future holds for the band.

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