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Dead Days Sing Along to the Sound of Your "Death Song"

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Dec 2, 2023
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Header Image Courtesy of DBMG (Photo Credit: Christiana Marchioni)

With so many bands throughout the world and weeks worth of music available at your fingertips, there are countless hurdles for new bands to overcome. In my opinion one of the biggest hurdles has to be, not only being a metalcore band, but finding a way to standout amongst the countless other metalcore bands. Almost like trying to crack the "metalcore formula". I don't know if there is a "metalcore formula", but if there is, Dead Days found it. Flawlessly blending breakdowns, riffs, and an almost nu-metal electronic sound, "Death Song" is exactly what the metalcore scene needs.

Hailing from London Ontario, Canadian metalcore band Dead Days is taking the metalcore scene by storm. I had the luxury of getting to listen to their new single "Death Song" prior to release and it is an absolute banger! What an absolute incredible follow-up to "Past Life", which was released earlier this year (song is linked below). "Death Song" is going to be one of the top played songs of 2024 because of the ferocity the song has. The vocals and lyrics leave your body and mind wanting more and torn on how to feel. While the lyrics tug on your heart strings and bring a tear to your eye, the vocals fill you with a rage that makes you want to move and mosh it all out.

When speaking on the single, vocalist Dan Tuer had this to say:

I wrote Death Song when I was in a deep place of resentment and despair. It felt like the world around me was trying to make me give up and fall apart. Cathartic is the only word I can think of when it comes to this song. It's basically a metaphorical line drawn in the sand and we dare you to cross it. We've been pulled so far down and hated ourselves more than any other person could, so you can't hurt us anymore.

While the entire song sounds exactly like something you'd hear a parking lot full of angsty teens scream during Warped Tour, there is one bit that really stands out to me: "I only exist in spite of you. This is my only regret I never loved myself enough to tell you to go fuck yours". On first listen, I had to stop everything I was doing and play it again. I probably circled back to that part of the song a dozen times because it just hit. Dead Days is truly going to leave it all out on the table for listeners and I am beyond excited to see what the future will bring for Dead Days.

Dead Days

Don Tuer – Vocals

Jeff Folkes – Guitar

Jimmy Van Pham – Guitar

Wayne Jefferson – Bass

Adam Linka – Drums/Vocals

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