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Dead Poet Society Drop Two Bittersweet Singles and Announce 'FISSION'

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Oct 19, 2023
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L.A. quartet Dead Poet Society may be the best-kept secret in the rock genre. With -!-, they released my album of the year for 2021. Today, October 19th, they announced their sophomore album, Fission, due on January 26th via Spinefarm. With this announcement, they dropped a double-sided single, "How could I love you?" / "I hope you hate me." These are two very different yet authentically DPS tracks.

"How could I love you?" is a straightforward rock track. Though it throws in the electronic influences and pop melodies that Dead Poet Society is known for. It has a deliciously heavy riff throughout and a groovy bassline, making it sure to be a hit live. The chorus is obnoxiously catchy while also being quite relatable. The guitar solo in the bridge is fuzzy and reminds me of the 90s and the days of the Smashing Pumpkins. This track will surely be a mainstay on my 'On Repeat.'

With the release of "I hope you hate me." Dead Poet Society dropped a music video. The video features a nostalgic noir vibe; I have been on a similar stylistic kick lately, so I love it. The video features social media sensation and breakdancer This Robot Cannot Human. It is nice to go back to basics in a music scene where every video has a cliched story.

The song itself is my favorite of the two. It has a more groovy and almost industrial vibe. "I hope you hate me." is primarily driven by drum-and-bass and vocalist Jack Underkofler's uber-smooth and unique voice. Like most DPS tracks, the lyrics are beyond catchy while still directly hitting the feels.

I saw Dead Poet Society open for Badflower in 2019 and immediately fell in love with their sound. Then, when they dropped -!- in 2021, I somehow fell even harder. These tracks have the same groovy yet chaotic vibe that made me a fan. I certainly can not wait until FISSION is released on January 26th.

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