Exclusive Interview: ONEUS plays their cards right with their TRICKSTER album

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Jun 24, 2022
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ONEUS, nicknamed “stage geniuses”, released their 7th mini album TRICKSTER with, Bring It On as their lead title track. No stranger to creating album storylines,  Bring It On explores each of the members’ destinies as they overcome obstacles on the paths they take. Within the first day of releasing TRICKSTER, they sold over 187k copies and became a million-seller (with combined albums sold in Japan and South Korea) on June 9th. 

Unlike their peers, this 6-member Kpop idol group (Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion) doesn’t have an official leader. ONEUS finished headlining their U.S. BLOOD MOON tour from February to March 2022. As they prepare to make appearances in Sydney and London for the 2022 HallyuPopFest, they shared with us, in-depth, about Bring It On and provided some insight into their personalities.

You recently finished your BLOOD MOON tour in the US. Does it feel different compared to the last time you were here?

KEONHEE: We were able to meet more fans in more places and the concert hall was filled with fans. It made me feel like we were receiving a lot of love.

XION: We toured more cities than on the last tour and I feel like our performance got stronger.

What is your favorite American food that you have tried for the first time?

RAVN: Chicago-style pizza was so good.

SEOHO: Barbecue-style Chicago pizza!

LEEDO: Buffalo wings.

KEONHEE: The cheese sauce that I dipped into with nachos.

HWANWOONG: Chipotle!

XION: Chipotle! It was my first time trying it and it was amazing.

(All Photo Credits: RBW)

TRICKSTER is a continuation of last year’s DEVIL album. Who or what was the inspiration for the TRICKSTER concept?

KEONHEE: I personally think that the starting point of the concept TRICKSTER began with the intention to convey the message, “Do whatever you want”, in DEVIL more clearly and independently. I wanted to deliver a more powerful performance with the meaning that I can completely decide my destiny.

At the end of the Bring It On music video, there’s a quiet moment where everyone stares into the camera. This is common in every music video you’ve released. What’s the reasoning behind that?

XION: It has the feeling of seeing everything through the screen. I think it would be good to think of it as a scene that showed me a little bit of how I faced my destiny!

TOMOONS (ONEUS’ fandom name) were in shock seeing Leedo completely shirtless for the Bring It On music video. Leedo, how did you prepare for it?

LEEDO: I exercised for 2 hours every day without eating carbs for 10 days. For the 2 days before the MV shooting, I didn’t drink any water.

Bring It On debuted Seoho’s rapping skills. Seoho, was rapping a challenge for you?

SEOHO: I usually like to rap and I practice often, so there was nothing difficult.

Hwanwoong, you’re the main dancer of ONEUS. In your opinion, what characteristics and qualities make a good dancer?

HWANWOONG: I think it’s important to know your body shape and the personality that suits your body type. Most importantly, a passion for dancing.

What is a challenge/goal you’d like to try for the rest of 2022?

RAVN: I hope we can end the year being healthy and happy. Also, I want to try painting and acting.

SEOHO: We will always move forward with the goal of growth in our minds.

LEEDO: I hope this year ends with everyone being healthy.

KEONHEE: Writing a song! I wish I could comfort others with my own language.

HWANWOONG: I want to try learning different languages and also become an attractive vocalist.

XION: As the pandemic situation is slowly getting better, I would love to meet my fans around the world in person.

To finish off our interview, what do you want everyone to remember ONEUS for?

RAVN: ONEUS wants to be remembered as the only unique fashionable team.

SEOHO: I’m grateful for you guys remembering ONEUS, but if possible, I want the fans to remember us as a group that they want to see again.

LEEDO: A group that works hard and is good. I hope that ONEUS will be remembered as a group with a unique color.

KEONHEE: ONEUS, a team that is really good and can inspire people.

HWANWOONG: I would like to be remembered as a team that did a really good job.

XION: I want to be remembered as a team that shared the happiest moments of life with its fans. We will try to make many happy memories in the future for our fans.

TRICKSTER is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube

ONEUS Socials: Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook


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