Alissa Szucs

Freaky Deaky 2023

Music Scene Media
Nov 8, 2023
6 min read

As Halloween weekend descended on Austin Texas, something big was lurking in the autumnal shadows at Travis County Exposition Center. Freaky Deaky made its siren call to the ghouls and goblins creeping in from all parts of the country as they plunged into the fully immersive festival experience that is Freaky Town. 

Four stages were scattered over the grounds where more than sixty musicians gave a deep fatal musical blow each day and night to the crowd of onlookers. The main stage, aptly named the Shrine, towered over one corner of the venue. Hosting many big names such as Ray Volpe, Knock2, Crankdat, Ganja White Night, and Zed’s Dead. The Crypt, an inside area; held food vendors, a large stage, and Ultra VIP within its cavernous tomb. Stadium seating lined the edges of the Crypt supplying a place for guests to rest their weary bones as they were rocked by A Hundred Drums, EazyBaked and Inzo.

As the freaks journeyed to the Haunted Hollow stage more surprises were to be revealed. Centered in front was a noteworthy stage crafted into the shape of a casket. Popping the top off that massive coffin were DeepFake, Umek, Molokai, Kumarion, Wilkinson and Dimension. 

Many up-and-coming artists got to hone their spooky sorcery in a red and white circus-like tent in the center area of the festival. The Freaks were drawn like a moth to a flame by the spell of this mad capped world all its own! An intimate stage housed within the twisted tent got fans close to the action as they spiraled out to the music of favorite emerging artists. Ethan Capps, BuckTen, A b2b with Flatline and Alex Lauter, Joycon, Maddie Scott and Cromatik performed with poltergeist-like skill whipping the audience into a fearsome frenzy.

On the first festival day, spectral forces were at work bringing people, music, art, entertainers together at the festival which prides itself on being one of the largest Halloween themed fests in the country. Guests lined up till deep in the night to enter the haunted house. Chains rattled and shrieks echoed off the walls from inside the spooky lair. Located near the haunted house were food vendors with cauldrons full of treats. Shawarma Point offered delicious spit roasted meats and bowls that filled many grateful stomachs. Taco baby offered Texas essentials with a twist. Other vendors supplied pizza, burgers, and all the festival food staples we rely on. Red Bull and Monaco kept everyone supplied in beverages providing a much needed refuel mid-festival. Guests floated between stages catching all their favorite acts.  Alison Wonderland helped guests transition into the night with a sunset set. As night continued to creep in, fans hit the rails at the Shrine. Heavy hitters jolted the stage one after the other. Knock2 and TroyBoi’s sets pulsated through the crisp night air, while the audience showed their support for their favorite artists. The end of the night found the residents of Freaky Town choosing the final stages to seal their night. Of The Trees ended the evening on the inside stage, with a spell bound audience. Pyrotechnics, a drone show, and lasers catapulted the last performance by Gryffin into a soul stopping masterpiece. Gryffin shredding on his guitar added a final great touch to end the first night’s festivities. 

Sunday, was a cold and misty day, but that didn’t dampen the spirited souls of Freaky Town. Fierce competition heated up as a costume contest rewarded some of the most spookily dressed attendees. The crowds lined up at merch booths and vendor stalls such as Sick Beets to up their rave gear. Beauty by Storms braided hair deftly to give the perfect spooky Halloween rave look.  People were drawn to Fest Express to make Kandi to exchange or take home as festival memorabilia. As the beats continued to increase in intensity, many found a respite in the Twilight Cinema which showed movies all weekend. Finally, it was time for freaky crews to pick their final resting place. Dr. Fresch drew a massive crowd, dancing and flowing to his foreboding beats. Matroda sealed the tomb on the inside stage, with a musical spell that woke the dead. Others crept across the grounds to find themselves being murdered by the bass from nonstop heavy hitting edm artists at the Shrine. Kai Wachi, followed by Ganja White Nights, then, ensuring no resuscitation was possible for that audience gathered on this dark night, Zed’s Dead played to screaming and happy fans as the mist and rain swirled around them. Lasers pierced through the rain drops falling on a satisfied crowd. As the end drew near, the inhabitants of Freaky Town began departing with phantom beats lingering in their ears and full hearts. Freaky Deaky’s tomb creaked closed on another year. Rest in Peace, Freaky. Haunt you later.


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