GOTH BABE Headlines The Eastern for an Unforgettable Show

Music Scene Media
May 2, 2023
3 min read

by Szonia Nemes

Last night Goth Babe took the stage at the Eastern in Atlanta during their Lola Tour. I have never experienced an artist interact with their crowd so much, and the crowd giving back 110%. It started with crowd surfing on inflatable pool toys, which got the crowd going crazy. He then held a competition to see which side of the venue could be the loudest and most energetic. After that he rewarded the crowd by throwing cupcakes to fans. It was a night of endless fun and energy! Before the encore they had a quick costume change before returning to the stage and ending the set with confetti! I think everyone should experience a Goth Babe show at least once.

Yoke Lore was the opening band for the night. They were an amazing match for this show and I enjoyed every second they spent on stage.

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