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Honey Revenge Releases Surprise New Single

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May 30, 2023
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Pop-rock duo Honey Revenge added another banger to their growing discography with May 26th’s surprise drop “Favorite Song”. Outspoken lyrics are delivered in a disheartened yet hopeful tone and paired with vibrant melodies to reflect this track's frustration and conflicted emotions. The release of “Favorite Song” comes in preparation for the band’s debut album Retrovision, out June 23rd via Thriller Records.

Featuring Devin Papadol on vocals and Donovan Lloyd on guitar, Los Angeles-based Honey Revenge has garnered a devoted fanbase due to their use of thoughtful and relatable lyrics and infectious, lively instrumentals. The release of “Favorite Song” continues this trend, highlighting the distinctive pop/alternative rock sound the band’s known for.

The official visualizer for "Favorite Song" by Honey Revenge

Opening up about the track, Papadol said, “There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a crush, waiting on a text from someone, hoping to get your daily scrap of attention. Getting stringed along sucks. “Favorite song” is that frustration put to a catchy yet sarcastic melody. Sometimes someone makes you happy and mad at the same time."

Emphasis on catchy, as Lloyd’s compelling, energetic guitar helps cultivate a tune that will surely get stuck in every listener's head. Lyrically, “Favorite Song” is not only relatable, but it’s also clever. Considering its name, the track is filled with lines that ingeniously use musical terms metaphorically to vent the emotions behind it.

This key’s
Got me weak in the knees, yeah you
Play me
Like I'm stuck on repeat
This melody is killing me
A symphony, no sympathy
The way that you keep stringing me along

Honey Revenge has already proven themselves to be one of the industry’s most exciting up-and-coming acts, and the release of “Favorite Song” further solidifies that status. Be sure to catch the release of the band’s debut album, Retrovision, on June 23rd. If “Favorite Song” is a glimpse into what to expect from it, then listeners will not be disappointed.

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Photo Credit: Jordan Kelsey Knight

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