Shhhh! Hot Mulligan is On

On a strange muggy evening in Leeds, music enthusiasts from all walks of life converged on Stylus in eager anticipation of an unforgettable performance. The stars of the night, Hot Mulligan, were set to take the stage, supported by the equally talented Spanish Love Songs. As the official guest photographer for Music Scene Media, I had the privilege of capturing every electrifying moment.

The atmosphere that enveloped Stylus was nothing short of electric. A palpable buzz resonated in the air, and it was clear that this was not just another concert; it was an experience waiting to unfold. Fans, eager to secure their spots close to the stage, had queued up outside Stylus a staggering hour before the doors even opened. Their dedication spoke volumes about the excitement that Hot Mulligan had generated.

As the clock struck the appointed hour, Spanish Love Songs took the stage, setting the tone for the evening. Their infectious melodies and passionate performance drew the crowd in, creating an atmosphere of unity and anticipation. The band's chemistry with the audience was evident, as cheers and applause filled the air after every song.

However, it was when Hot Mulligan hit the Stylus stage and launched into their second song, "Equip Sunglasses," that the night exploded into a frenzy. The room erupted with energy, and it was as if an electric current had surged through the crowd. People couldn't contain their excitement, and some daring souls started throwing their bodies into the air, crowd surfing their way towards the front barrier and into the photo pit, this was to all of frontman Tades' delight as he said the show they did down south last night they were heckled so if anyone could reach him on stage he’d appreciate it. 

It was a moment of pure musical talent and chaos, all wrapped into one. Said himself by Tades, he’s made a career of screaming and his voice is f***ed so you better enjoy it. The band's performance had ignited a wildfire of passion in every elder Emo among the audience, and the front barrier became a conduit for fans to express their exhilaration. As I captured the frenzy from the photo pit, I couldn't help but be swept up in the contagious energy that Hot Mulligan had unleashed.

The dynamic synergy between the band members was evident, as they seamlessly navigated their setlist, delivering hits that resonated with longtime fans and newcomers alike. Mentioning their new studio album named Why Would I Watch, released in May this year. 

The energy in Stylus was nothing short of astounding. Bodies surged with the rhythm, voices roared in unison, and the sheer excitement of the moment was palpable. It was a testament to the band's ability to connect with their audience on a profound level.

In conclusion, witnessing Hot Mulligan live at Stylus in Leeds was an experience that transcended mere entertainment. It was a night filled with passion, energy, and a sense of belonging. From the early queue forming outside Stylus to the last note echoing in the air, this was a concert that will linger in the memories of those fortunate enough to be there. Spanish Love Songs set the stage, and Hot Mulligan took us on a thrilling musical journey, leaving us with an indelible reminder of the power of live music.


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