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Cavalera Conspiracy Bring the Heavy to Dallas, TX

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Sep 3, 2023
4 min read

Just imagine it. It's Friday night & you think to yourself, "Wow, I had such a long week at work. I should treat myself to something fun tonight". The options are endless. You could go out to a bar, order some takeout, watch a movie, or you could go to the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX to mosh and headbang the night away with Born in Blood, Incite, Exhumed, & Cavalera Conspiracy.

Starting the night off with a bang was local band; Born in Blood. Making the trip from Fort Worth, the band arrived in Dallas ready to melt some faces. With riffs written to make you go insane, with vocals ripped straight from Hell itself, and with an intensity that would make demons weak, Granada truly let it all out in the pit. The band gave a performance that reminded me of Slipknot in the early years mixed with a little Fever 333. The stage was theirs and they were ready to give a performance of a lifetime.

Incite took the stage next and gave it their all to continue the insanity of the night. It was insane how masterful the band performed. With some of the chunkiest riffs, the most electric drum work, and vocals that could leave scare your soul straight from your body, Incite was here to give the people of Dallas some metal. I messaged the band on Instagram to tell them how much I liked their set and their response really does set the tone what this band is all about:

"It's our sworn duty to rock with the metalheads"

A truer statement couldn't be made. The band not only rocked with the metalheads, but left with some new diehard fans as well.

Just when I thought the night couldn't get any heavier, the absolute legends in Exhumed took the stage. Not only was their sound metal, not only were the vocals metal, but I'm pretty sure at one point they had someone on stage swinging around a real chainsaw. Now that is METAL. The band gave a performance as if they were trying to unleash the gates of Hell & bring the people of Dallas to their knees. I don't think it's possible for bands to play with that much energy nonstop. The guys in Exhumed must either be superhuman or not from this world.

After a night full of headbanging, moshing, and screaming lungs out, it was finally time for what everyone was waiting for: time for Cavalera Conspiracy to take the stage. The roar of applause from the crowd as the screen lifted and the band came out was deafening. They immediately got work with some of the nastiest and filthiest trash I have ever heard. I feel it is safe to assume that everyone knows the story of Max & Igor Cavalera, Sepultura, Soulfly, and the influence the bands have had not only in the world of metal, but the world in general. To say that I had the absolute pleasure of watching these legends of metal play live, would be an understatement. Words cannot begin to describe the masterclass that graced the stage in Dallas, TX that night. And, I know I'm not alone in that statement. The entire venue, fans and staff, were losing their minds as the band played back to back bangers for the rest of the night. If you have a chance to catch the band play live in the next month or so, do yourself a favor and go! You will not be disappointed.

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