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HourHouse Drops True "BODYBAG MUSIK"

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Sep 7, 2023
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Photo provided courtesy of AtomSplitter PR

"Diabolical" is the only word that truly describes what HourHouse and Shaolin G of Unity TX just dropped. I listen to a lot of metalcore, and most of it has grown tired. Yet, nu-metalcore has never been more full of life. When "BODYBAG MUSIK" dropped today via UNFD, HourHouse not only staked the claim to be mentioned with the likes of Dropout Kings but perhaps they are the "kings" of this new genre.

I do not even know where to start with this track. I am fanboying HARD. The guitar intro is so smooth and heavy, like honey. Vocalist Milly's screams and rapping flow perfectly with the 808s in the background. When Shaolin G of Unity TX comes in toward the late middle, this track elevates into the upper echelon of all heavy music.

The lyrics play on the idea of mental health and possibly even the downsides to being the kings of their craft. They describe this with, "Playing god panic spreads like disease." Though with this track, the instrumentals and overall vibe are such a jam and a vibe that they could be spitting "Lorem Ipsum," and everyone would still have a fun time. Yet, I can see some future mic-grab moments at future HourHouse shows.

I was super excited when I heard about a new nu-metalcore band to check out, and HourHouse did not disappoint; they turned me into a lifelong fan instantly. I can not recommend enough to check out this track, buy merch, and go to shows. These guys have the magic formula, and they will be massive soon.

Watch the music video for "BODYBAG MUSIK":

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