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Hungover Touches Hearts With the Release of Their Brand New Album

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Feb 23, 2024
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Infusing the brightness of the sunshine state into the very essence of their music, Orlando-natives Hungover newly released LP, When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves, is vibrant, intense, and full of palpable energy. Refusing to pick a side on the line that divides pop and rock, Hungover gladly incorporates both into their sound–making When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves rock anthem material with pop-sensation radio potential. And while filled with plenty of animated drumming and loud guitars to keep listeners feeling amped up, the lyrics radiate a vulnerability that helps the album retain an emotional rawness overall. 

Made up of vocalist Marc Cortes, guitarist Sean Connors, and drummer Gabe Santiago, the pop-rock trio are proud to be exactly that: pop-rock. Unafraid of being considered too pop for rock and vice versa, Hungover happily takes solace in being undeniably both. A feat initially accomplished on 2018’s Wilt, Hungover continues to evolve their genre-bending sound on When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves, effortlessly utilizing the experimental creative freedom that comes with creating music that is simultaneously pop and rock.

The artwork for Hungover's newest album, When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves.

Hungover kicks things off on When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves with high-energy opening track "Candy Flip," followed by danceable "Think Straight." With melodic pop vocalizations supported by warm, lively drums and shimmering guitar riffs, "Candy Flip" is both a powerful album opener and an immediate display of the band's perfected take on the pop-rock genre. Keeping the energy alive, When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves moves into the more rhythm focused "Think Straight." With a strong beat from the drums leading the way, the track's funky guitar melodies and use of vocal distortions further enhances its danceability, cementing "Think Straight" as an undeniably infectious earworm.

Next up on When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves are the previously released singles "Out Of Body" and "Reunion". Hungover begins to show off their emotional side with the introspective "Out Of Body." All about how a 'coming of age' moment can at times be more about realizing your own wrongdoings, the lyrics are saturated with a sense of reflective accountability. Hungover keeps things vulnerable as "Reunion" comes on, the song's name being an ode to the neighborhood Cortes used to spend time with old friends at. The dreamy sonic ambiance of "Reunion" further magnifies its sense of nostalgia, with a pace increase towards the end flawlessly emulating the desperate longing of reuniting with lifelong friends.

The official music video for "Reunion" by Hungover.

As When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves continues, "Shake It Off" and then "Hard To Tell" come next. Also previously released as a single, "Shake It Off" is another stunning showcase of the band's cohesive blend of pop and rock elements. Fueled by blaring guitars and vigorous drumming, Hungover counters the more traditionally alternative sound with the use of components more traditionally found in pop, such as synths, distortions, loops, and more. Things slow down, however, as "Hard To Tell" begins, as the band is once again ready to get especially vulnerable. Compelling, emotive lyrics delivered through dulcet vocals are complemented perfectly by the song's light drums and soft guitar.

The energy doesn't stay down for long though, as When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves then moves into "Kayfabe," followed by "Slow Emotion," and then "Bad Things." Lyrically relatable with loud, lively drums and energetic yet expressive guitar, the infectious "Kayfabe" is sure to be a future crowd favorite at shows. Once again infusing the album with feelings of nostalgia, the lyrics of "Slow Emotion" express longing for a time when everything felt simpler. The use of various electronic elements help to give the fast-paced track the same beauty and emotion typically reserved for slower, more acoustic-oriented songs. While the beginning of "Bad Things" has an ethereal vibe, it quickly swings into another rhythm focused track that is once again sure to keep listeners on their feet, dancing along.

When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves comes to a close with "Voodoo," and then finally "Vanishing Act." High energy, loud, and full of angst, "Voodoo" has all the makings of a true rock anthem. While a bit softer and slower than most of the album's other songs, closing track "Vanishing Act" still radiates plenty of energy. Hungover ends When It Touches The Heart, Everything Resolves as strongly as they opened it, with a final exhibition of what it truly means to be pop-rock.

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