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“Don’t Forget Me”: Maggie Rogers’ New Single is Hard to Forget

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Feb 21, 2024
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“Don’t Forget Me” is the perfect song for someone in their twenties. We see everyone around us living life at a different pace, with their highlight reels easily accessible on social media. It is not difficult to find oneself comparing their milestones to someone else’s. In both of the verses, she sings about her friends finding love, and then reflecting on herself. I love how relatable the verses make these songs. As someone in the digital age, I scroll on social media and see the engagements, and the weddings, and I think to myself, “Oh god, what if I was in that part of life right now?” and how I would feel if I were. 

“So close the door and change the channel
Give me something I can handle
A good lover or someone that's nice to me
Take my money, wreck my Sundays
Love me 'til your next somebody
Oh, but promise me that whеn it's time to leave
Don’t forget me”
-Maggie Rogers

There is another piece to the puzzle in the chorus. Rogers perfectly captures the longing and vulnerability of wanting to be loved. There are some days in your life where you just want to scream “Someone please just love and remember me!” Her lyrics convey this fear of being left alone and forgotten perfectly. It felt like listening to a song that was ripped right out of my diary. Maggie is so good at making such beautiful music that is relatable to the many emotions that we face in life.

Her new album, also named Don’t Forget Me, is going to be released on April 12th. Fans are eagerly awaiting the new music. Rogers played a few of the new tunes on her last tour, which only escalated the excitement for the album. She has also teased a tour announcement for this year as well, which is sure to be magical.

Listen to “Don’t Forget Me” here.

Pre-order/pre-save Don’t Forget Me here.

Visit Maggie Rogers’ website here

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