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If Not For Me- 'Everything You Wanted' | Album Review

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Mar 31, 2024
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Hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, If Not For Me is a four piece metalcore outfit making their mark on the hearts of many. Their tasteful concoction of pop and electronic elements along with catchy choruses illuminates their own signature aggression. On March 29, 2024, they released their sophomore album Everything You Wanted through Thriller Records, along with the official music video for the tenth track titled “Tragedy”. Their blend of drum, bass, synthesizers, voice manipulation, and other techniques found in pop and genres alike, create a comforting ambience. Their technique brought forth melody, emotional expression, technicality, and power, which gave each song its own atmosphere. I wasn’t expecting their potent mix, but am now a fan. You can see them perform the album in its entirety on the “Everything You Wanted” Release Tour.

Below are my interpretations and perspectives of each individual track.

Feel Me Now

Claws dig until blood is drawn, no matter what we do it returns to this vice grip. This game of cat and mouse should’ve ended some time ago, yet I live for the chance to hear your praise and feel your embrace. My soul calls for escape, to rid it of your spell, but your hold on me is too great and all I can see are stars. I hope you never feel this vacuum which drains my lungs dry, but maybe if you did, your heart would feel the same fear in mine.


Now that the cup is empty, was it worth it? Running away from a deeper and darker truth, expecting to always have a way out of your own mistakes and put your demons on another. Eventually, you will be cut off from the false high and be left with your own devices while your pawn of twisted delusions is off cleaning their wounds. It’s time to face the mirror's reflection.

No Thanks To You

Losing balance as the world around me vanishes, I begin falling through nothingness, then, in a blink, I awaken. Another nightmare. It has become an almost constant occurrence; it is always the same, back in that room, and the static covering my nerves. A reminder of the hell we put me through. The signs were always present, but a sliver of hope was all I needed. Now, I will again rebuild and this time, follow the tug of my gut.


Air bubbles float upward and become lost in the dimming light breaking through the water's surface. No matter how hard I pull and struggle, their chains don’t budge, it feels futile, but I must keep trying. Behind the sun's glow there is a face, I recognize it to be my own. A shadow washes over its feature and rages in the eyes. How did it come to this? I’ve broken free before, but these phantoms have me pinned and I cannot find my strength or a way out.

I Don’t Wanna Be Here

How long will you keep me in the flames with you? Until the Earth is scorched and you are all who remains or when I kneel at your feet? Don’t you see the irreversible damage you spread

with every breath, wave after wave of deceit. Using me as your fuel, even coming back when I had nothing left, demanding what is not there. This perpetual cycle cannot be allowed to go on, your ruse is up.

Everything You Wanted

Sitting in darkness with shaking hands, I carefully attempt to mend a bruised heart and rebuild a shattered soul. The fragments cut me deep. I desperately sift through my memories for its original shape. Yet, all I see are the twisted versions of the person you forced into my head, playing like a projection on the walls of my mind. You held a glow that was not real, no, it was stolen from the ones who sold themselves for your touch and a seat at your table. And, now, you eat alone, while suffering the same isolation we all did once we were let go.

Lost Cause

The voice in my head is hellbent on kicking me as I try to stand, I went through trial and error, time and time again, to get back here. If you compromise this path, then we both go down. No more shortcuts to see the color return to my fingers, I am sick of running from what needs to be done. I must face the doubt and find the door through this. I can’t afford to fall.

The Weight

Will I ever know the sight of faded scars and hear deafening silence within my mind? It feels as if I am wandering aimlessly on this journey of healing. It’s hard to remember what got me here; was the darkness always present or was it birthed by events I have forgotten? I don’t have an answer. Oftentimes, I feel like this is a race and I am dragging behind, all eyes on me to just make it across that checkered line.


Surviving a crucible doesn't come without consequence, however, there are times when it doesn’t feel like it was ever conquered. Is everyone against me? I try reaching for hands, but there is no one left to hold me up. This is a bitter reality check: accommodating a new form and re-entering life isn’t what they claim it is. When the fog clears all, I see is an empty room, the door wide open and nothing left but me.


Tattered and torn estates become the graves of greed; crippling systems are cast aflame by the withered and worn faces of those who refused to give in. Arrogant comfort is replaced with the harsh elements of reality. For too long, fake smiles and empty words have been allowed to roam free, while countless generations suffer in their wake. The world begs for mercy as its leaders abandon their humanity and embrace power and selfishness. But those who will be left this damaged world are done turning their cheeks to broken promises. They are the ones living through adversity and catastrophe, but a boiling point has come. They will bite the hands that feed and spit in the faces of those who oppose.

The album wraps up with a booming anthem that delves into the crises that current and future generations face. An unexpected change in lyrical direction from the previous tracks that channel themes of mental health, inner battles, toxic relationships and more. Though there is a story already written, this is a collection of music that many will connect and resonate with directly or by personal perspective. The group formed massive spaces within these tracks, bringing them to life; they will transport listeners into different realms of their own.

This is my time hearing INFM and I personally resonated with much of Patrick Glover's lyrics, especially tracks like ”Demons”, “I Don't Wanna Be Here”, title track “Everything You Wanted”, and “Tragedy”.

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