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ILLIT is Mesmerizing in Their Debut Lead Single, “Magnetic”

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Mar 31, 2024
2 min read
Photo courtesy of HYBE LABELS

ILLIT is the latest girl group debut from HYBE, following the footsteps of highly successful labelmate girl groups like Le Sserafim, and NewJeans. The five-member group was formed through the reality competition show R U Next? in 2023 and is under the sub-label Belift Lab.

Under HYBE’s impressive reputation, ILLIT faces the challenge of distinguishing itself amidst growing competition while continuing the company’s legacy of setting K-pop trends and even redefining the industry itself. Their lead single, “Magnetic”, from the extended play Super Real Me expands the company’s discography and brand, building on soft electronic era K-pop trends and maintaining HYBE’s streak of producing hit pop love songs infused with hidden messages and meanings.

“Magnetic” effortlessly captivates listeners with its youthful vocals, soft synth instruments, and energetic beat. The song radiates a light and airy atmosphere, characterized by its lighthearted lyrics to the nimble beats. This ambiance is further enhanced by the music video’s abundant use of natural lighting and its slumber party setting, where the girls give the illusion of floating in mid-air. The vocals are addictive and surreal, transporting listeners into an artificial daydream.

The enthralling single also embraces the ever-popular Y2K trends that have swept the music industry in recent years, particularly the integration of technology and mobile phones. In the chorus, the song cleverly incorporates text messaging elements with the iconic “ping” sound interrupting the chorus, perhaps symbolizing the group sending a text message to the listener. Furthermore, while the the stuttering hook of “you, you, you” is fitting for the stereotypical uncomplicated love song it takes on a deeper meaning when “you” is spelled out in text message slang, “U” resembling the shape of a magnet, directly tying into the song’s title. “Magnetic” offers an immersive experience that transcends sound and visuals; it invites the listeners to delve into the riddles, fostering a deeper connection with the group beyond their screens. By embedding “puzzle pieces” throughout the song, it rewards audiences for uncovering its hidden layers.

Despite ILLIT’s rookie status, the group has already made a significant mark on the K-Pop scene. “Magnetic” solidifies their dreamy and soft chic image and sound, hinting that there is depth beyond what meets the eye with this group.

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