Interview with Max from Lost Hearts

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May 22, 2023
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Max - the guitarist from the Nashville-based rock alternative band Lost Hearts - sat with us for an exclusive interview. Discover how the band was formed, what really drives Max mad, and the most useless talent that he has.

MSM: So, for those who don't know you, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your band? How did you meet and how did you form and come with the name Lost Hearts?

Max: Yeah, so my name is Max. I sing and play guitar in Lost Hearts and we all live in Nashville. We all kind of moved here from around the country and out of the country -  our other guitar player’s from Brazil. And he moved here. So everybody kind of moved here to do music.We sort of met through playing with other bands and stuff, just kind of being around. And everybody in Nashville is kind of in a few bands at least. And so we just all kind of met each other. We're doing that kind of stuff and started hanging out and jamming and writing songs and everything. This just started as that and then it turned into now it's a band. We just had to find a drummer. Kind of found a drummer on Instagram, literally.

MSM: Did you ?!

Max: [laughs] Yeah, like Hashtag Nashville Drummer. We found it like: “okay, this guy looks cool.” And then we also found our producer: Johnny Kay. And so we started working with him and recorded these songs and did a few music videos and stuff like that, and been playing shows …

MSM: And so, how did you meet the person from Brazil ? Did he leave in America already or did you just meet online or somewhere else first ?

Max: Yeah, he moved here to Atlanta. He was living there, and we were both playing in some tribute bands, actually. So he was doing a tribute to Def Leopard, playing guitar. And I was doing Van Halen. I would play the Van Halen stuff, but it was the same other guys, you know what I mean? In the band. We met kind of through that and he called me to fill in on some gigs with another band, and so we went and did that, played some festivals and stuff, and then we just started hanging out and we're friends and would come here. And then he ended up just moving here.

MSM: Okay, that's nice. And so how did you pick your band name, then ?

Max:  It actually came from a song that we had, was just called Lost Heart. And so, we're kind of struggling to come up with a band name. But then I thought about that. I was like : “call it that” and then everyone was like: “all right, okay”. And we just went with that.

MSM: And so your new single was released recently there. So how do you feel about it being out ? And what's the reaction you've gotten so far ?

Max: Yeah, I like this song. It's probably more up tempo than our last one, our first one. And I like it. I think that's more the direction we're trying to go in and out, but yeah, for sure. I really enjoy it.

MSM: And so how would you convince people who don't know you or your music to actually listen to your music ?

Max: Oh, man. Good question. I mean. I think the thing I would say about it is we just try to we don't try to go off on tangents, you know what I mean? Like some people do like. With this ridiculous part and, you know, especially kind of in Nashville sometimes, like, okay, nobody's specific, but just like people can kind of let the musicianship get in the way of the music. I feel like, you know, like it's too complex.It's just like maybe people are trying too hard and you know what I mean? And so our music, we just kind of the thing we really try to do is just keep it natural, you know what I mean ? And … You know, we just try to write good songs that people will enjoy but still are authentic to us. You know, good guitar, everything like that ... We enjoy all that stuff. We just try to keep it, you know ... Palatable, I guess, in a way.

MSM: And who inspired you actually to become like a musician ?

Max: Well, I think it's probably a long list. I think what made me I started out as a guitar player and I think there were a few things that made me want to play guitar. One of them was like, I went to a Kiss concert when I was a kid. I really enjoyed that. And they’re still one of my favourites. Guns N Roses too, and just growing up around all that stuff that my mom and dad played, I was just like: “this is really cool !” Zeppelin and just yeah, 90s grunge and everything nice. Definitely made me want to play. My dad played too, so there's that.

MSM: So you were kind of born into it.

Max: Kind of.

MSM: Is there anyone you’d like to do a collab with and why ?

Max: Yeah. There are people I would, you know … If I could collaborate with anybody, maybe be Jack White. I really like him and his style and he manages to keep it modern and cool, but, you know, still have good material and write good. He's here in Nashville and he's got a whole business. He prints vinyl too, you know ? Yeah, he's really big into that stuff. And he's got a whole warehouse and a small music venue.

MSM: Pretty cool. Okay, so that's kind of your dream collab then.

Max: Oh, yeah, for sure. And maybe Matty Healy from the 1975 would be cool.

MSM: And so, if you could play in any venue, city, or country, where would that be ? And why ?

Max: I always wanted to play in Japan, I don't know why. I just want to go like, I've never been out of the country. I've travelled a lot in the US, I’ve played a lot of different states and everything but you know … I’ve never been out and I really want to go and kind of see the world.

MSM: So, Japan. Is it just because it's so different to what you know, or is it just someplace that appeals to you ? Or both ?

Max: Probably both. Just seemed like a cool place.

MSM: Indeed. And what would be your worst moment on stage ?

Max: There's a lot. Playing with people and like, I don't know … I mean, singers stopping shows - because I was a guitar player for a long time, right ?  So, stopping the shows and yelling at the sound man. And I'm just standing there like: “oh, man …” I mean, it's crazy stuff. I mean, have you ever seen a movie called This Is Spinal Tap ? That movie is like the life of a musician. So, the premise of the band is like, they kind of got big, but then it's like a mockumentary. And they get big, but then they kind of go down a little bit. So, they're trying to do a tour and everything's going haywire and just messing up for them. And their band is just falling apart. And that's kind of how it is sometimes. It's not easy from the start, like if people just keep making it harder for you.  Not in this band, luckily !  I've been very fortunate that everybody's very chill. But, you know, dealing with musicians sometimes can be a lot.

MSM: I see … Now, what's your pet peeves ?

Max: Oh. I'm a very specific one with bands. If I go see a band, and like the guitar player is playing with this sort of, I don't know if you've seen him before … It's like a clip on tuner. That's tacky in my opinion. Like,  just get a tuner on the floor, let the guitar look good. Like, you're on stage. Well, you got this tuner up here on the headstock looking, I don’t know …

MSM: Yeah, I never heard that one, that’s funny !

Max: Now you'll notice it the next time.

MSM: Oh, I actually will ! I'll send you a picture every time I see one [laughs]. And, are there questions that you wish journalists would ask you but they never or rarely do ?

Max: Not really. I mean, I like that question: “What's your pet peeves ?” I do like that one. Yeah, I'd say that's a good one for people. It's cool to lighten it up sometimes, you know what I mean ? And make it not so serious and deep all the time. I always like to talk about music. Like, music in general, not even just my music. “What's your favourite album ?”would be a great question.

MSM: Oh, good one ! Do you have one ? I couldn’t pick just one !

Max: I can think of classics but that's all  …

MSM: That’s a tough question. I don’t think anyone could choose only one …

Max: No, I don't think so.

MSM: Last question: what is the most useless talent that you have ?

Max: I’m like double jointed on my finger. You know what I mean ? On all of them. Yeah, definitely my most useless talent.



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