Interview with Tom Kiely of Patient Sixty-Seven

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Jul 12, 2022
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Melanie Mae Williamson

by Melanie Bryan

I recently had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Tom Kiely of the metalcore outfit, Patient Sixty-Seven. Hailing from Perth, Australia, they’ve been building up more and more traction, and I truly believe that they’re about to blow up any day now. Armed with the proper ingredients for any successful band — killer music, an extremely dedicated relationship to their fanbase, and an adorable mascot (Tom’s cat, Tiffany) — P67 are preparing to take over the world.

MSM: I have to admit, I first heard of Patient Sixty-Seven from seeing the name all over Facebook attached to some pretty amazing memes. I remember seeing it and thinking, “What is Patient Sixty-Seven??”, which of course led me down a rabbit hole because then I just HAD to hear what you sounded like. Is this a marketing strategy, or do you just really love memes?

TOM KIELY: It’s a great question! We love to have a laugh and we’re big fans of the music scene that we’re in. It’s our way of being involved with it, hopefully sharing something fun and entertaining for those who see outside of just posting about our music! It’s been fun to connect with people through that side of things, and we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously all the time, the memes are a reflection of that side of our band!

MSM: Let’s step it back for just a second, how and when did the band form? And is there a meaning behind the name?

TK: We formed in my final year of university, we just wanted to play some heavier music and have fun while doing so! It all snowballed from there to be honest. The name is taken from Shutter Island, one of my favourite movies of all time!

MSM: When fans recommend your music to others, what song do you hope they choose first?

TK: Goodness that’s a good question! Probably will have to say “Scattered” as that’s my favourite recent song!

MSM: What do you hope to achieve with creating music? Is there anything in particular that you want people to take away from your songs?

TK: Just to feel any sort of emotion while listening to it. I love when people connect with our songs, and find their own relationship with the music – that’s truly special to me and us as a band.

MSM: What do you attribute most to your success?

TK: I wouldn’t say we’re successful, we just stay committed and put our hearts into this because it’s what we love doing! Stay passionate, and things tend to move forward!

MSM: Your debut album, Wishful Thinking, comes out on July 22. Is there anything that you’d like to share about the album?

TK: Just that we’re so excited for it to release! There’s hopefully something for everyone on there that loves metalcore. There’s big breakdowns, huge choruses, and some surprises in the mix too. We can’t wait.

MSM: Any closing messages for your rapidly growing fanbase?

TK: Thank you, thank you for being here, and for giving us a chance! It means everything to us!

photo by Elliot Charleston

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