Interview With YOU ME AT SIX

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Feb 22, 2023
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AUDREY: Sum up how your tour in the UK is going at the moment. You’ve sold out a few shows and you’re playing a bunch of new songs, how has the response been and what are your takeaways? 

YMAS: Tour has been incredible. Main take away is that we’re very lucky to be in the position we’re in and it’s been a real celebration with our fans. That, and I think we’re the best live band we’ve been for many years.

AUDREY: Give me a recap on the writing and recording process of Truth Decay. 

YMAS: We went out to Santorini for about six weeks having been to a bunch of AirBnB’s around the UK. The record was all but written by the time we got to Greek Island, which was different from our experience with suckapunch. We did a lot of ‘jam min’ with our instruments vs writing on laptops and stuff. I think you hear that on the album.

AUDREY: How does Truth Decay differ from Suckapunch? 

YMAS: Suckapunch was very much us flexing our creative muscles whereas TD we kinda returned to an older sound of ours and just refined it and tried to give an older sound of ours with a new flex

AUDREY: Tell me the dynamic between you and the members of Enter Shikari. How did this feature come about? 

YMAS: I just hit up Rou on the phone and told him I knew he could take this song to another level. We’ve been orbiting one another for almost two decades, so was sick to finally work with one another.

AUDREY: What do you want listeners to take away from this new record? 

YMAS: That is theirs and was there to soundtrack the good days and the bad days.

AUDREY: This album has a lot of serious themes, are there any specific events that happened that influenced this record? 

YMAS: Loads. Sobriety really helped me confront alot of my issues and them of those around me. The band is and always has been a very cathartic place for me to operate. It’s not as simple as ‘I sing in this band’ it’s so much more to me than that

AUDREY: What does “Truth Decay” mean? What does this symbolize? 

YMAS: That although there is only ever one ‘matter of fact’ truth. But that being said, people more often than not have their interpretation of what the believe to be truth. Can often be distorted and deluded in that sense.




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