Kidd G sells out the Music Farm

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Mar 14, 2023
4 min read

It was a sea of  Ron John shirts, Realtree camo, and cowboy hats of assorted colors at the Charleston Music Farm on Saturday, March 11th for the TikTok rapper-turned-country-music Billboard charter Kidd G. Fans of all ages and from as far away as Virginia wrapped around the venue anc-xiously awaiting the venue to open its doors for the sold out show.

The night kicked off with real life brothers and acoustic guitar playing duo CB30. The duo, born, raised, and based out of Nashville Tennessee. Got the crowd ready with their singles “Cool if You Wanna” and “Now We’re Talkin’ ” a toe tappin’ harmony driven song about chatting it up in the local bar with the type of girl that will make you lose track of time. They really had the crowd singing along when they covered a song made famous by the very star that discovered them. “Country Girl” by Luke Bryan.

With the crowd whipped into a proper frenzy, the boy from a small town in Georgia, Kidd G took the stage. Opening with his self proclaiming anthem “Down Home Boy”, which is a song about remembering your roots, casting away all your facades, and just being who you are, much like the artist did when he transitioned from a TikTok rapper to a country chart topper. Drinks in hands and some with kids on their shoulders, the wall to wall crowd was enjoying every minute of it. 

His song “Paper Hearts’ ‘, a song about getting wild on back roads, really showcased how Kidd G took off on TikTok as a hip hop artist. It also showcased how his pivot to country music seemed completely natural. A genre fusing that isn’t easily accomplished, successfully. But it wasn’t all deer hunting and chilling on the tailgate of an F150, Kidd G also displayed his tender side. This unassuming kid who just had the crowd roaring every lyric, sang a soulful lament to the loss of his grandmother under the glow of the crowd’s cell phone lights.

Kidd also performed an acoustic solo of the appropriately titled “Break-Up Song” before bringing the packed house to an ear piercing roar with his encore songs “Dirt Road”, the song that helped skyrocket him into the country music limelight and “People Talk”, a twangy country anthem about hearing rumors about a girlfriend you just broke up with.

It’s easy to see why Kidd G has over 1,000,000 monthly streams. Successfully blending country flavor with hip hop style, Kidd G is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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