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Lorna Shore – Sun//Eater | Single Review

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May 17, 2022
2 min read

Lorna Shore is back with “Sun//Eater,” a blistering bit of symphonic deathcore and a worthy successor to last year’s …And I Return To Nothingness. The band debuted the song live on the “Chaos & Carnage” tour, where they’re currently supporting co-headliners Suicide Silence and Carnifex. Century Media Records has confirmed “Sun//Eater” to be the lead single off Lorna Shore’s upcoming studio album, Pain Remains, which is currently scheduled to drop in October. If this track reflects the rest of the project, fans should look forward to hearing more of the same bold vision behind the 2021 EP, as fresh and as vivid as ever.

On the new single, orchestral melodies pull upward against the ruthless grinding of blast beats, carefully punctuated with disorienting breakdowns. During the verses, any stable sense of rhythm and pacing collapses against the unrelenting force of the drums. When the double kick isn’t approaching the limit of rhythmic perception where a steady pulse turns into a single sustained pitch, it’s holding down the rest of the rhythm section in an unpredictable series of assaults on the listener’s chest. There is no relief here, your only option is to accept defeat and let the music overwhelm you.

Vocalist Will Ramos made his first studio appearance with the band on …AIRTN, provoking a collective jaw drop among the metal community with his brachycephalic demon snarls on “To the Hellfire.” Other than being able to produce some of the more disturbing noises to emerge from extreme metal in recent history, the deathcore virtuoso’s strength is his impeccable sense of melody. Every scream and growl has pitch and movement (whoever decides to record an opera cover of “Sun//Eater” won’t have to do much interpretation); every phoneme and each flow has its own effect, communicating just as eloquently as the lyrics. To put it simply, this is everything deathcore vocals should be: crafting a compelling narrative using the sound of the voice alone.

Another example of Lorna Shore at their best, “Sun//Eater” can only be described as classically sublime. It’s a contradictory experience of insignificance against the rhythm section’s uncaring cannonade, combined with ecstatic pride as you’re enveloped by cinematic textures and melodies. In both content and form, “Sun//Eater” is about ambition, triumph, and awful power, but also insatiability and the burning, agonizing intensity of the great fusion reactor in the sky.

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