Jackson Tujo

Matthew Lowry: "All My Friends Are Selling Out" and it's Not a Bad Thing

Music Scene Media
Jul 14, 2023
1 min read

“All My Friends Are Selling Out” sounds like a pointed song title at first. However, upon watching the new music video to Matthew Lowry’s new track, you find the accusation is not necessarily a bad thing. Matthew released the track on September 16, 2022 but is releasing the music video on July 14th in anticipation of his upcoming album, “Flamingo County” to be released on September 15th. With the release of this music video, Matthew Lowry stakes a claim to the title of  “Song of the Summer”. 

When listening to “All My Friends Are Selling Out”, the first thing to stand out is the guitar tone sounds like a track stolen from the 80’s while his vocal performance keeps the track feeling fresh and modern. The guitars also have a twang that feels authentically southern.  Matthew Lowry proves to be adept at pushing and pulling with this dynamic to create something truly new and interesting while keeping his Sunshine State influences on his sleeve. 

The music video to the track helps fill in a clear picture of Matthew Lowry’s intention with this release. The video takes place in Matthew’s garage with his friends performing the instruments (as they do on the track and album) while he sings. The video also focuses on the friends in corporate suits singing like on a mug shot to the chorus of “All My Friends Are Selling Out”. Hilarity also ensues throughout the video, with members throwing laundry and playing with garden tools like they are instruments. 

Overall, the track and the video seem to lean on the message that comes with growing up. You and your friends will likely go down different paths eventually, especially while trying to “make it" in the arts. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing and that does not have to mean an end to the good times you have shared. Matthew Lowry’s track and video are about acceptance to the passage of time but most of all, the message exclaims “you’re never too old to have fun”. 

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