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Meet Me @ The Altar Commands the Stage in Baltimore

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May 26, 2023
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Girl power dominated Baltimore this past Wednesday, the 24th, as Meet Me @ The Altar brought their Pink Couch Tour to Ottobar, joined by Kid Sistr and Chloe Lilac. With so many talented ladies taking the stage, the night truly encompassed an energy of female empowerment in the scene.

Formed in 2015 with all three members living in different states, Meet Me @ The Altar originally started creating music together remotely via the internet. Consisting of vocalist Edith Victoria, guitarist-bassist Téa Campbell, and drummer Ada Juarez, the band released their first studio album, Out of Sight, Out of Mind, in 2017. In 2018, Meet Me @ The Altar headed on the road for their first-ever tour, and by 2020 they had been signed to the major record label Fueled by Ramen. The band’s sophomore album Past // Present // Future was released earlier this year.

Up first for the night was Kid Sistr, an all-girl indie pop band featuring Sable Englert on guitar and vocals, Sara Keden on bass and vocals, and Becca Webster on drums and backup vocals. Kid Sistr gave a high-energy performance, jumping and dancing away as they played and continuously involving the crowd in the show. But what truly made Kid Sistr stand out was the incredible chemistry they had on stage together.

Alternative/indie singer Chloe Lilac was next, keeping up the night’s energy with a lively performance. Smiling and singing directly into the cameras of fans recording her set on their phones, Lilac took the time to connect with the audience. As she danced all around the stage to her music, the crowd soaked up every second of Chloe Lilac’s performance, loudly cheering and bouncing along.

When it finally came time for Meet Me @ The Altar to take the stage, the crowd went wild. Kicking things off with “Say It (To My Face),” the band played with an infectious energy that took hold of the audience. With fans screaming along to the lyrics, Meet Me @ The Altar continued to captivate with their performance. When “Hit Like A Girl” was up next on the setlist, Victoria faced the audience.

When I tell people what I do, I don’t just say I’m in a band. I tell them I’m in an all-girl band!” The crowd roared, and she continued, “So, for this next one, I wanna see all the girls here in the pit!

The mainly female/feminine audience happily obliged. While Meet Me @ The Altar jammed out on stage, fans broke into the gentlest, most mannerly mosh pit you’ve ever seen. After noting her amusement at the world’s most civil moshing, Victoria went on the explain how writing Past // Present // Future made her contemplate what her favorite song in the world is. Smiling, she told the crowd it was by Alanis Morissette, and the band started playing a partial cover of “You Oughta Know.”

After, Victoria turned to address Juarez: “Okay, Ada, now what’s your favorite song?”

“My favorite song is by Avril Lavigne,” Juarez replied, and they began a partial cover of the 2002 classic “Complicated.”

Next, it was Campbell’s turn to share her favorite song with everyone. She excitedly exclaimed, “My favorite song is from a movie soundtrack! And that movie is Freaky Friday!”

Fans roared with excitement as the band broke into another partial cover, this time for “Take Me Away” by Christina Vidal, from 2003’s cult favorite film Freaky Friday.

Meet Me @ The Altar continued to impress throughout their set. With Juarez’s energetic drumming setting the beat for the night, Victoria and Campbell utilized every available inch of the stage, dancing along. Campbell also performed the occasional trick with her guitars and bass, as Victoria ensured the crowd stayed ready to rock throughout the entire performance.

As the final notes to “Kool” rang through the venue, the night came to an end. Meet Me @ The Altar is an astonishingly talented band and incredibly enjoyable to watch perform. The chemistry between the members is undeniable, and their stage presence is captivating. And they chose the perfect openers to bring along with them, as all three acts put on a phenomenal display of what women in rock are truly capable of.


Meet Me @ The Altar: Twitter and Instagram

Chloe Lilac: Twitter and Instagram

Kid Sistr: Twitter and Instagram

Photography by Fire Rose Studios for Music Scene Media: Facebook

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