New Found Glory @ Celebrity Theater Phoenix, Arizona

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Feb 7, 2023
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New Found Glory set off on their first leg of the Make The Most Of It” acoustic tour, and we got to stop by the Phoenix, Arizona show at Celebrity Theater.

Formed in 1997 in Coral Springs, Florida, American-rock band New Found Glory consists of vocalist Jordan Pundik, bassist Ian Grushka, guitarist Chad Gilbert, and drummer Cyrus Bolooki. The well-loved pop-punk band exploded in the wave of the early 2000’s scene, rising to top-tier stardom of pop-punk acts. NFG has maintained their beloved fast-paced tunes as the scene took a shift into the hardcore direction, landing a U.S. indie top spot in 2009, 2017 and 2020 with “Not Without A Fight”, “Makes Me Sick” and “Forever + Ever + Infinity)

Widely known for their energetic pop-punk sound, NFG emerged amongst the early 2000s scene bands after forming in ’97 and became a top charts staple.  Stardom coming fresh out of high school, young NFG took the east and west coast by storm, selling out the entire pressing of their 1997 debut EP, It’s All About the Girls, along the way.

A second wave of pop punk busted its way through the 90s, and the boys from Florida were right in it. Arguably pioneers that paved the way for the future of the scene along-side bands like Blink-182 and Good Charlotte. 

Their sound is described as “sugar sweet” a melodic blend to the hardcore scene. Vivacious and fast paced guitar beautifully paired with smooth and infectious drums and chord progression that stands up against the force of the vocal work. A wonderful blend of punk melodies with hardcore breakdowns. While always staying true to the pop-punk roots, over the years NFG has taken on a layered and mid-tempo sound. Shifting from a blocky melody to somber and honest. 

Lyrics that are undeniably infectious, creating a sense of serenity and sincerity. NFG is quite the emotional tear jerker in their writing, stories of life changes, growing up, and relationship struggles are masked behind the high-energy beats and eye-gazing melodies. Not only are their lyrics relatable and relational, but their execution is just the same. They step into the crowd and connect with lovers of their music, making their performances so heartfelt, emotional, and relational. Their most recent album release “Make The Most Of It” is a testament to this, a piece of art that truly encompasses hope and unsurmountable challenges, taking a stripped back approach than their previous tracks, embodying an eye-opening experience to the listener. Lyrics and instrumental that push the creative boundaries of the band but are effortlessly taken with ease by fans, even without the typical intensity of electric guitars. They’ve bent perceptions with this one and have connected on a new emotional level with their audience. A must to listen, to say the least!

Catch New Found Glory on the rest of their acoustic tour!

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