Rayna DiMuro

Pierce The Veil - Emergency Contact | Single Review

Music Scene Media
Nov 30, 2022
2 min read

by Rayna DiMuro

Pierce The Veil has always been a fan favorite, but their latest release, “Emergency Contact” takes the cake. 

The San Diego-based rock band formed in 2006 and have consistently put out records since. Their third full-length album, Collide With The Sky, has proven to be the most popular and has attracted newer fans through TikTok. While many bands are changing their sound and gearing towards pop, Pierce The Veil hasn’t given up on the genre that brought them success. ‘Emergency Contact’ is one out of two new singles that the band has released this year. Before the two singles, they haven’t released any new music since their 2016 album, Misadventures

The songs builds slowly and further grows into the course. It greatly reminds me of The Foo Fighters, ‘Everlong’. Lyrically, it sticks true to their discography. It details a romance of great importance and longing for growth. It truly is the story of wanting more a more serious relationship with someone. The strongest lyrics come from the chorus: “Things that I want this happily ever after / You choke on your words but you swallow them faster,” and “just want you to be my emergency contact.” It perfectly depicts the pain of wanting someone so badly, but having to watch them shift through uncertainty. The tone of the song at this point is somewhat upbeat and cheery, which is crushing.

Ultimately, I love this song, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The sound is very specific and you can tell where Vic draws inspiration from. I don’t foresee this being one of their most successful songs, but it is definitely worth giving a listen. I’ve had it on repeat for the past couple of weeks since its release and it has easily become one of my favorite tracks of the year. 

It has been announced that this single, as well as ‘Pass The Nirvana’ will be included on their upcoming album, The Jaws of Life. It isn’t set to release until February 10th, 2023, but is currently available for pre-order. 


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