Sean Maciejewski

The Trinity of Terror Tour Part III packs the Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY

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Nov 25, 2022
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by Sean Maciejewski

The final leg of the highly successful Trinity of Terror tour made a stop at the Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY on November 22, 2022, featuring co-headliners Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Ice Nine Kills and special guest Atreyu.

When I arrived at the venue there was already a large line snaking around the building. Fans dressed in black, some with elaborate black and white facial make up, eagerly waited to get inside. You could feel the energy and excitement in the crowd anticipating the show!


Opening the show was Atreyu. Formed in 1998 in Yorba Linda, California, this band knows how to get the show started. Playing for roughly fifty minutes and eleven songs, the band got the crowd energized for the headliner trio up next. Playing popular songs like “The Time Is Now”, “Ex’s And Oh’s” and “Becoming the Bull”, we heard some great music! I felt bad for the many fans that were still waiting to get in, they missed out on a great band.

Atreyu are; Brandon Saller – clean vocals, Dan Jacobs – lead guitar, Travis Miguel – rhythm guitar, Mark “Porter” McKnight – bass, unclean vocals and Kyle Rosa – drums


After a short intermission, Motionless In White took to the stage. With an ever growing audience inside the venue, the energy was noticeable. Formed in 2004, the Scranton, PA band had a sizeable fan base present. Launching into an eleven song set, they also played for fifty minutes. The set included the hits “Another Life”, “Voices” and “Masterpiece”. The entire band played their hearts out and put on a hell of a show. The crowd erupted in frenzied cheer after the last song, wanting more. Due to the triple bill time restrictions, encores couldn’t happen.

Motionless In White are; Chris “Motionless” Cerulli – vocals, Ryan Sitkowsk – lead guitar, Ricky Olson – rhythm guitar, Justin Morrow – bass and Vinny Mauro – drums


The third band in the lineup was the Black Veil Brides, formed in Cincinnati, OH in 2006. The band hit the stage, continuing on with the momentum gained from the prior band. The audience was in full party mode now. Crowd surfing and screaming were the norm inside the venue. Suddenly midway through their set, the band stopped playing. Front-man Andy Biersack started asking questions to a general area in the crowd and proceeded to hand a water bottle to someone. E.M.T.’s rushed to the scene and the band was very concerned about the situation. Eventually after waiting more then 10 minutes, the Black Veil Brides left the stage. Unsure of what was happening next, the crowd started chanting a Buffalo Bills football song to pass the time. About 25 minutes passed and the band came back on stage, handing out water bottles to people in the audience before performing. Definitely a difficult moment that was handled admirably by the band! Robbed of their time, they did get the crowd back into it with a couple of more songs. Closing with “Fallen Angels” and “In the End”.

Black Veil Brides are; Andy “Black” Biersack – vocals, Jinxx – guitar, Jake Pitts – guitar, Lonny Eagleton – bass and Christian “CC” Coma – drums


The final act, Ice Nine Kills hit the stage, to an enormous cheer from the audience. Formed in Boston, MA in 2002 the masters of horror did not disappoint. With props of axes, knives, shovels, drills and severed body parts the night was a musical/visual journey. Performing an eleven song set, for 50 minutes, the time passed very quickly. Some songs from the set were; “Hip to Be Scared”, “IT Is the End”, “The Shower Scene” and “Welcome to Horrorwood”. What makes their show so cool is how scenes are acted out along with the music and it is really entertaining. The crowd was really into it with Horns up throughout the night. Sadly before I knew it, the show was over. I left the venue musically and visually satisfied but wanting more. I am hoping for a Trinity Of Terror Part IV! Seriously, put this tour on your bucket list, you won’t be disappointed!

Ice Nine Kills are; Spencer Charnas – vocals, Ricky Armellino – rhythm guitar, Chris Kelley – lead guitar(touring), – Joe Occhiuti – bass and Patrick Galante – drums.

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